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John Bigboote

ADD Motion Capture in A:M -video tutorial

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I updated my Nvidea graphics card driver and noticed it includes a screen-capture utility! SO- I made a video showing my method of adding a BVH motion-capture file to a rigged(TSM2) A:M character. I apologize for poor video quality and you may need to pause here and there to see what I am doing- but it is all quite straightforward utilizing simple constraints (Translate To and Orient Like)


There are many 'free bvh' files to be found on resources thru-out the web. Here is a folder of older files I DL'd about 20 years ago that was made free by Santa Monica Studios to get you started:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/xc74lexfqc3ymnr/SantaMonicaStudios.zip?dl=0 30mb


Here is Youtube link to the tutorial:



Hit me with any Q's.




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I used a lot of BVH motion-capture in these Jet's Pizza animations from 2015, to help add visual 'punch' to the campaign. (very, very low-budget!) ALSO an interesting side note... ALL the music and sound-effects for that campaign were culled from the Youtube free audio library. (link below)





Youtube Audio Library:


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Hey John,


thanks for the information and tutorial :).

Will very likely be helpful!

Best regards

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