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I had my old manual out and saw something about shag hair. Is there a link to show how shag hair works?




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I'm sure there must be something online but... I'm not sure if I can track it down faster than I can just run through the process... especially since I just used it two days ago.


I will say that there is good reason A:M's new hair is preferred. If... if only... some of the features from shag hair could be blended with the newer hair! ;)

Newer hair is more versatile/customizable.


I'll see if I can't put together a quick video but that might not be until tomorrow. posted.

The important stuff:


1. How to initiate Shag Hair


2. How to apply and modify Shag Hair


3. Primary differences between the two


And of course, Shag Hair can be used in conjunction with the current hair.


Let me hit #3 first.

Both types of hair are materials.

The primary difference between the two regarding application is that one type is based on patches while the other on splines.

In the case of current hair the material is applied to either a model or a group.

If the group doesn't contain patches... no hair will emit.


#1 How to initiate Shag Hair

After creating the intitial (empty) material proceed like you are going to create regular particle hair.

This is done by Right Clicking on the Material Attribute and selecting Change Type To/Particle System/Hair

The KEY DIFFERENCE is that in order to create Shag Hair the SHIFT KEY must be held down while changing the Type to /Particle System/Hair


#2 How to apply

Once the Shag Hair material is created it must be drag/dropped onto a SPLINE in the Project Workspace listing (PWS).

To find a spline to drag/drop the material onto open the Model and look for the Spline listing. Each spline will have a number.

If you can't see the Spline listing make sure you have Show Advanced Properties option checked in Tools/Options and the Global tab


Once the material has been drag/dropped onto a spline the Shag Hair can be adjusted as required.


I'll post a quick down and dirty example soon.

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Here's the no-frills video walkthrough of initiating Shag Hair.

My apologies there is no narration.

I do run through some troubleshooting that might be a bit hard to follow without voice or text accompanying the imagery.

I don't think anything will be too difficult to follow though.



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I should have said also...


A reason you won't see most Shag Hair references include the SHIFT key requirement is that when the documentation was written that wasn't a requirement. When the new particle hair was created it took the default method and rather than remove the old (Shag Hair), it was given the Shift key method as a means to activate.

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Awesome Rodney, thanks for the help. I have known how to set it up and can very useful for pony tails, etc. I will teview this when i get home.

Oops. If i would have known how.

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