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TIP: Double click any item in Project Workspace (PWS)

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Okay you know this stuff already right?

Because I'm a big fan of Right Clicking I sometimes forget about the ease of double clicking in the Project Workspace and use alternative ways that often add a few extra steps.


The primary exception to the rule in double clicking in the Project Workspace is the top container (Project). As you are already in a project double clicking won't create a new project. In fact it won't do anything.


When clicking on Image, A:M will prompt you to open an image.

The same goes for double clicking on Sound. A:M will prompt us to load a audio file.


Double clicking on a Material will create a new (default) material, ready and waiting for it's attributes to be customized.


A good example of saving time via a double click is when creating a Post Effect.

As with Materials, if we double click on the Post Effect container it will directly create an empty (new) post effect ready for the assignment of the Type of Effect we want.

Right Clicking will get us there too (via the New option) but not as quickly as a double click will.


There are some default behaviors that go with the double click to consider too.

For instance, there are a lot of different types of Objects we can create (Model, Camera, Light, Null, Force, Motion Control Device, Layer...) but double clicking on Object will create a new (empty) Model. To create the other types of Object, Right Click and run through the available options (New, Import, Wizards, etc.).


Once an Object has been created, double clicking on the next tier down (the Object itself) will open that object.


Double Clicking on a Camera is an exception like clicking on Project. Nothing will happen. I suspect a reason for this behavior is that as with Projects we can only have one default Camera. We can add additional cameras by Right Clicking on Object and selecting New/Camera. At any given time while in a Choreography the view can then be set to a different camera (or even a light, which can be viewed from almost as if it were a camera)..


Single Clicking on an Object in a Choreography will activate it (for animating) while double clicking it will open the original Object (for editing).

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A feature I quite like about A:M, so much so that I feel inconvenienced when something HAS to be done with a menu and can't be had with a click or a double click. :)

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