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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

Dive! - Animation Showdown entry

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I think you probably already know where it could be polished...
Like most of these things I spent so much time figuring out the mechanics of how this action happens that I just barely get it working and never get around to adding the "exaggeration" part of it.


I really wanted to do more with the springboard. I should have started him farther back so the first hop could more plausibly land with more force on the board, deflecting it more, giving more opportunity for squash&stretch.


Also, I should have had his first anticipation movement go down instead of back.


I'd have to experiment much more with this to find the right union of "cartoon hangtime" and "real physics hangtime"


Where are these animation competitions? I would like to try some, they sound fun.
It is fun. Harrowing, but fun. And I've learned much by trying this each week and comparing my results with the others'.
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