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Flash Back Friday!

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Continuing down my road of memories while I pack for the big move....


One of the first "Third Party" training books for A:M...




And the Pro Series Videos, for all your learning needs...








If I come across anything else I'll post some pics up. I think I might still have the boxes from when I first purchased Martin Hash's 3D Animation Pro (before combining the "consumer" and "pro" versions of the software using just the name Animation:Master, which was the name for the "pro" version originally).


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I dimly recall that watching these videos (The Pro Series) was were concepts of 'proper operation' of A:M started to click with me.

They provided a host of, "Ah, so that's how you do it" moments whereas before I'd been working against... even blaming the software, charting my own way.

There have been many such similar moments since then but that was first that clued me into the deeper complexities (and the simplicity!) of A:M.

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