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How to enroll in TaoA:M 2015


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In past forays into the exercises from the manual individual topics were maintained for each exercise. For 2015 the plan is to have each A:M User who enrolls in ToaA:M initiate their own topic which will act as a production journal. It is hoped by having a topic to call your own that assistance can be maximized and forum support can be more fully tailored to your specific interests and personal goals.


An individual topic for each exercise will still be maintained and additional exercises will be added as necessary but the goal of those topics will be to improve and expand upon information currently available and raise the bar even higher for the next time you decide to work through the exercises.


TaoA:M certification will be based on the ability to put the elements and the intent of the current exercises found in the manual into practice*.

This can take on the form of completing the exercises 'as is' as if the exercises are a script from which to produce specific outcomes or to incorporate primary elements of the exercise into a personal project in order to demonstrate understanding and/or mastery of the subject.


Note that some information encountered may be obsolete, outdated or no longer optimum.

In these cases alternatives will be discussed and options made available to the student.

An example of this might be use of the 2001 rig. While the intent of the exercise can be met by installing the 2001 rig other options for rigging characters are available and in many cases will be preferred.


So, how to enroll? Just post to this topic or start a fresh topic in the TaoA:M Production Journal forum and away you go!

(If posted here we'll move it over to the TPJ forum for you).




*As the manual is updated the current certification will still be valid but a newer/updated certification will then be offered.

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I want to learn everything about animation from A to Z. I have written comics that I would like to bring to life. Can you help me?



Your are in luck. That's why we have this forum. :)


Now, you mention that you've written comics... perhaps you can tell us a little bit about yourself, your interests to help us (everyone here in the forum that is able and willing) to help you.

For example; do you consider yourself primarily a writer?


You've definitely come to the right place to learn about animation, not only from A to Z but from 1 to infinity! :

(that's both a good and a bad thing)


Here is what i would suggest:


1. Create a new topic (in the WIP forum or here in the ToaA:M forum This will give you an online place to post your progress and let everyone know you are serious about learning animation a solicit their assistance in helping you reach your goals..

2 Watch the video tutorial from the Hash Inc site that Fuchur (Gerald) mentioned

3. Work through the exericses (In the order of the book is preferred but if you get stuck or have specific interests you can move to any exercise that captures your interest.

4. Make yourself at home, ask question and relax. You are about to learn everything about animation from A to Z so it's going to be a life long journey.


While it is a big old as references go, as far as general computer animation terms and definitions (from A to Z) you may find the following of interest:





I note that your profile says you are using the trial... as that only lasts for a very short time that means we need to move quickly! :)


Welcome to the A:M Forum!

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OK...first things first. I wish to re-enroll and get through this thing.


I'm most interested, currently, in learning squash and stretch and, I forget the term, I think it's parabolla? Making things move correctly like the bouncing ball slowing at the top of its bounce and such.

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At this exact moment there isn't an official TaoA:M term active.

That doesn't mean folks can't launch out and post/publish their progress here in the forum for feedback though.

With regard to squash and stretch... parabolas... bouncing balls, etc. there is quite a collection of information available related to those.


If you haven't done so already I would encourage you to seek out and download one of the video screen recording tools that have been mentioned here in the forum (there are many to choose from).

Folks tend to shy away from recording their work initially but it is a skill they will appreciate later on... and it's amazing the useful material you'll record!


It sounds to me like you want to focus on animation and if that's true focus on that first and foremost. Try to resist getting distracted by adventures into detailed modeling and subjects of deep technicalities (i.e. rigging, lighting, texturing, rendering). Some explorations into these areas is always good but get what you need for the task at hand and get right back to your focus; presumably animation.


As mentioned above... start a WIP... and away you go! :)

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I'm not sure but plans for it started when you posted your interest in enrolling.

Its safe to say that TaoA:M 2016 will officially launch in January 2016.


Don't get too caught up in the formalities though.

If you post like you are enrolled... you'll soon find you are enrolled. ;)


Where there is interest there is always activity.

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