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A:M Video-Output on Windows

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I just worked my way through some trouble with Video-Codecs and I found some interesting things which apply to A:M too.

Many think, that you can only output uncompressed AVIs with Windows-Versions of A:M if you want to export a video-file.


Since Apple dropped the support for Windows 64bit-Quicktime-Output, it seems hard to output directly to a video format from A:M (which still applies for MOVs), but it really isn't.

What you need to understand is, that A:M 64bit is a 64bit-software and like that it can only use Codecs which are 64bit-compatible. (and if you use A:M for 32-bit on Windows, it can only use 32bit codecs.)


I just tested it and A:M can export for instance to this looseless codec (no quality is lost and the resulting file is still much smaller than uncompressed AVIs) which is available for 32 and 64bit Windows:

Lagarith Lossless Video Codec. And this seems to be true for Xvid-Codec / Divx-Codecs and other stuff too.

(just to mention it: A:M v18 crashes at the end for me, but the video-file is still written successfully and playable on my computer. I have written Steffen about that) > does no longer crash.


After that you can use for instance MiroVideoConverter (freeware) to convert the file to MP4 files which can be opened on Windows and Macs and is useable for websites.

Hope this helps some of you with your workflow.


See you


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Thanks for this info... very useful indeed.

I'm rendering a test AVI to the Techsmith screencapture codec in 64bit A:M as we speak. :)


...and A:M will no longer crash when rendering to AVI with Codecs thanks to Steffen.

Will be included into the next version of A:M v18.


See you


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