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CP Weighting Issues


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I've been trying to get straight the rigging of Pappa Bears' rigging for his shirt sleeve. I'm seeing a lot of bleed thru of the arm thru the shirt sleeve. and no matter what I do I can only clean up some of it. I had thought about simply removing the arm geometry where the sleeve is but for some reason I have an aversion to doing that. So my question is, with the 2008 rig, which bones should be assigned to the cp rings in the shirt and arm...






Any help is of course much appreciated

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There is something very appealing about wanting to dress our creations its true but (and you know where this is going!) I would say to you loose any and all geometry that can't be seen. It just makes life easier and animating is hard enough as it is!


Also you might want to consider setting the 'Bicep-Fan-Bone' so that the bone dose not "store roll" and assigning the sleeve Cps to it and not the Bicep-Geom-Bone. This will stop the sleeve twisting with the upper arm (which generally doesn't happen much with shirts, jumpers, jackets etc…), whilst still following the arm's motion.

Sometimes though and it depends on each model, this doesn't work so well and I've added an additional bone at the top of the bicep instead that follows the bicep's motion but as stated before dose not store roll. In any event with short sleeves like you have here I wouldn't assign any sleeve Cps directly to the Bicep Bone.

As always with this stuff experimentation is key!


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