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Is there a name for the view area?

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I believe I've only heard them officially identified individually as 'windows'; Choreography window, Modeling window, Action Window etc.

Generically, whatever is the main view is likely the active or main window.

Short of that I suppose it might be called the 'screen'.


(I'm looking for other references but I haven't found anything relevant yet)



From what I can tell, A:M's windows include:

- Community window

- Project Workspace or PWS window

- Modeling window

- Action window

- Choreography or Chor window

- Library window

- Decal window

- Material window

- Relationship window

- Timeline (often the term window is dropped but it's generally referred to as a window)


Within these windows the term seems to change to 'view' such as when opening multiple Camera Views.

We do see the terms change however; Bones window for instance when might more appropriately called Bones Mode or View.

Strickly speaking I believe the true Windows appear to be Model, Action, Chor, Material and Decal as evidenced by them showing up in A:M's drop down menu under Window (see attached image):


Edit: ToaA:M has just reminded me that there is a Relationship window too!


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Is there an official name for the area where we see the Chor and Model and other such windows?


What about Window-Area? Something describing like "grey Background"-area.


See you


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