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Boids of A Feather


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Someone asked about more information on the Boids of a Feather project and workflow. With apologies to the creators if I'm stepping out of line by posting here on their behalf, I submit the following link:


Boids of a Feather


Information contained therein is a must read (IMNSHO) for anyone wanting to produce a finished short film in Animation Master.

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I can't help think what Boids would look like these days with v11's ability to do feathers with the hair particle system. Not to mention all of the other improvements. I think BoF was done in v's 6.5 and 7.


Shaun Freeman's Cuckoo and other characters look like they'd be at home in the BoF world. I smell a cross-over! ;)


When is the next group of young, eager A:M users with more ambition than sense gonna do another one of these remote, collaborative things?

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The trailer is the finished product. There was some interest from a couple sources who wanted to do more with the idea but the characters aren't mine. I referred them to Suzan and don't know what happened after that.


If Suzan or Glen Crowell are on, maybe one of them can chime in.

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