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any chances of improvement

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The spin looks ok but you need to do loads more work on the model.If you want it to look right get yourself lots of reference from the helicopter it's off of and take your time.

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You can greatly simplify the animation of any rotating object by going to its properties and right-click transform>rotate>convert driver to and change the bone to "Euler" instead of the default Quaternion mode


You can set one key at frame 0 and another at the end for (number of turns you want X 360°) and A:M will do the whole thing for you. This should eliminate the need for the MUFOOF technique


OR... you can set frame 0 to 0° rotation and frame 1 to anything, say 90°, and then in the PWS change the "post extrapolation method" (Squiggly gray line to right of item) to "accumulate". There are 3 squiggles. You want the last one.


A:M will automatically add 90° (or whatever) on each successive frame.






Anyway, I've been thinking one could use a blurry transparency map to simulate a fast moving rotor. I made the map with radial blur in Photoshop. It's a 2 blade rotor that I set to rotate a little less than 90° per frame for that severe strobing effect you see in movies. There's no real motion blur here:











Tip: If you choose a codec besides "Animation" (like MPEG4 or Sorenson3) you will get much smaller file sizes for posting movies. Format>SaveOptions>set

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