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  1. Spleen i do like your effect but my next questions is , how do i do them? I'm sure its pretty easy but there ether hidden in some section of AM I'm not aware of or i just don't know how to set them up
  2. OK so more or less trying to pull off a black hole and need some sort of warping effect ie Any one have even foggiest idea where to start on this one?
  3. thx ron taht appears to have fix it or at least its stoped yelling at me
  4. I think your right Rob, when you said that you thought it was a codex error i tryed rendering directly as an AVI file and AM collapsed after rendering the first frame. Question now is does AM use my own codex files or its own, and if thats the case how do i refresh them?
  5. I'm finally back with a brand new copy of AM and raring to go , only problem is a error right out of the gate AVIFileCreateStream error: C:\Users\(my user name)\AppData\Local\Temp\AMV17\Untitled\Untitled0000.avi. i get this when i render animation preview but other wise the render goes of with out a hitch, it just complains that it cant write the file, then it cant delete the file a render to file does not cause this issue so far i have gone throptionshe optons menu but thnot does nto appear to be a place to chtemporarytemperary location to write these and i am running a
  6. To create an explodable version of any model - right click on the model in PWS/plug-ins/wizards/explode Rebuildmodel A dialog box will come up - I just left it at default settings. Plug-in will create an entirely new version of the model which will contain a sequence of groups named Explode_nnnn, plus will also assign a bone to each new group. I'm guessing that this explodable model is then used with Newton. I believe Johnl3d has done many tinkertests with it. I tested it on a complicated model and it took quite a bit of time to create the new model, and consumed mucho memo
  7. OK i have found how to create the material effect, how ever getting it to work is problematic, i have tryed creating it as a standalone item, putting it with a different model , and putting it in the same model and nothings working, it may be that i cant for what ever reason get it to attach to model pieces in bones mode or I'm doing it wrong.
  8. Ok at risk off sounding complete noob how does one set up a material effector , looked through the mat files and couldnt find a thing....
  9. what I'm trying to go for is the spread of one texture over another with out getting that dual texture flicker. if i could get a animation of what it does in star craft i would show u but i cant, it more or less oozes out wards slowly from certain locations. I know at one time some one said you could make a material or something like one that would cause a set texture to appear when it touched another models surface, i know its not a Boolean cutter,
  10. in theory pretty simple, i have a basic landscape set up with trees and grass textures, and i want a different texture to over right the grass were i want it to do so, think the zerg creep if u ever played starcraft1/2 but with a little more control like if i wanted to send out tendrils or something http://www.gosugamers.net/starcraft/images...Zerg%20Base.jpg if at all possible to have it raise a little of the ground i would be cool but thats a secondary objective in the how do i get it to change textures to begin with
  11. OK looked at that mat and it helped quite a bit, know i have 2 more problems to sort out. 1st materials appear to completely over right the surface there set to as shown in my render I tryed using the same material as the second part of the material for the green stuff but it didn't look the same so i thought that having part clear would work, guess not , any one know i Way i can fix this 2nd i currently have quite a hard edge in the above picture is there any way to simply fade out the texture as it moves along a surface similar to this i realize that in
  12. ok so this is my current results crystal.bmp however my crystals dont quite look it and my latest attempt at the ground failed, is there a way to have a texture slowly fade out rather than cut off compleatly ? oh any ideas on how to make my crystals look better would be helpful.
  13. hey guys long time no see i have been trying to get an effect similar to this not the crystals them self but the cracking pattern on the ground, making ground is easy enough but the few methods i have tried so far don't quite work for the cracks as its ether virtually impossible to get the lines to match the terrain grid or it just doesn't line up. additionally i cant seam to make textures blend into each other vs a hard line.
  14. Ok after installing the version for AM 12 the darktree mats seem to be working again, thanks for the help guys
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