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Exercise 2

Start date 2-3-9

Finish date 2-3-9


Rodney I hope this works.

I appreciate the direction.



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He shoots... He scores! :)


Sorry, thats probably not the last of the sports related references with you.

I'll try not to overdo it okay? ;)


That looks like success to me.

You are well on your way.


Exercise 2 is a good place to get a feel for A:M's virtual camera.

Take a look around the elements you've been introduced to so far.

What gaps do you find there?


You don't have to post everything you do or ask every question but keep in mind you are welcome to go beyond the exercises here in the forum. Going that little bit extra is what makes learning fun for everyone.


You only have one chance to learn something the first time.

After that its all repetition.


Nice job with Exercise 2.

Hey... wait a second... don't you still owe us one KK?!? Delivered!

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