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Ok I'm finaly done with this one. The Character I was working on is Michael Vick I got his pic from the web and rotoscoped it and use 3d paint to past it on there It turned out fairly good I'm impressed what 3d paint can do I'm learning new trick. MV is walking to his cell kicking up some dust as you'll see the prison suit keep going through the skin but we learn from out mistakes The uniform is to small why its doing that....LOL I'm using this one as eat my dust I'll post the video there to. Oh yah the bulldog model I changed my mind on using it. I'll use him some where elese. If any body wan't the pitbull model let me know I'll email him to you yall, and you can do some work him. I wanted to use the lighting storm but it keep freezing up my system looks like I'll have to up grade again soon.






Sorry for the large file.

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