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Any one had luck making clouds?

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Check this one done by Skevos



(Original post by Skevos on May 19 2005, 06:18 AM)


I made this (very) quick tute on particle clouds a looong time ago. It's a bit rough around the edges, but still seems relevant.




Just one of several methods.


EDIT: I just listened to it for the first time in years - my voice in the video sounds like I had a bad head cold. :-)

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Also, in case you haven't already seen it, www.rustboy.com has some ideas on creating really great looking clouds.


Look under the "Making of" section and the "Movies" section of his website.


I just visited and couldn't get the videos to play but you can read the description nonetheless.


Hope this helps.

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do a search for clouds there was a lot of discussion on this in the last 90 days or so.



for non sprite clouds






again other examples click on search (upper right ) do all forums clouds

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You could use hair with maps of "puffs" of clouds cookie cut. The Hair would have to be thick and almost flat to pull it off... and the patches you use to emitt them should probably be like a solid clump shape.



you could even have the hair emitt from the skydome using a map-- like what's being done in the forum where they are using painterly hair!


I haven't had time to do anything in A:M for a while, this was the next thing I was going to try... I'll let you know if it works for me, unless you try it and post first.

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Thanks alot for all of the replys. I think I got an idea for a method using a combination of those suggested. I'll post my results in a couple of months once I finally get around to finishing some other bits I've started!


Thanks again!

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