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  1. That's about as often as I get to do my animation stuff It hasn't gone too well for me though. I just seem to have a hard time getting my hands around this software. I haven't given up yet but I have been close a few times. Thanks for the follow-up...again, an excellent job.
  2. Great work...I loved it as well. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to put it together?
  3. I see HA:MR quite a bit on the forum and I am not sure what it is...anyone care to explain? Thanks.
  4. Oh, I was doing up and down...not left to right. Thanks for the help.
  5. Nevermind, I figured it out. The mouse wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. How do you zoom out? For example, the FW-190 Fighter tutorial says to: "Then zoom the Window out and size the rotoscope so that the wingspan is 34 feet in length." When I start a new model, the center on the screen is 0'. I cannot figure out how to zoom out. Now which icon represents embarassed? Thanks
  7. Yes, all of the above I guess part of my problem is I don't understand the steps that I need to go through. I think what I have tried to do is action in choreography and it isn't working out very well. Is the process to build a model, in the model screen. Add all the looks, rigging, etc. to the model and then build actions for it in the action screen? Once you have them would you then go to choreography and "build" your movements through the actions that you have built, as opposed to using the choreography screen to design your movements...clear as mud? So I guess a listed out process, as far as what you do where, as well as a good modeling tutotial and setting up everything for the model. And then showing how the actions were created and then finally how it is put together in choreography. That's not asking too much, is it? I will check out the FW-190 fighter tutorial...I think I missed that one. I tried the giraffe one and got frustrated with it pretty quickly. I couldn't figure out how to grab both side of the object I created around the head so that when I was changing the CP's, they wouldn't change on both sides of the object. Thanks for the comments.
  8. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial that shows much of the functionality within the same tutorial? I have gone through many of the online tutorials and have a lot of AM videos and books (that I bought off the forum). The problem is, they only take you through certain sections of things. No one really guides you from start o finish and all the steps in between. I am still struggling to get AM into a workable situation for me. It doesn't have to be complicated...say maybe a football. If there was a tutorial from start to finish of a football with the texture, material, decals (I think that this the right terminology to put like an NFL logo on it), it would be so helpful. To see the steps, one after another would be very helpful for me. Since there is so much information about AM out on the net, I thought someone might be able to direct me to a helpful area. Thanks.
  9. Kurrykid


    I don't know Rodney...if I do things like stretch the screen so I can see more of the timeline next to the Project Workspace, it won't adjust the screen until the CD boots up. I tried the option of installing to the hard drive but I ended up with 3 versions of everything in my library...that didn't work out too well. Maybe a fresh post on how to do it effectively would be appropriate at this time...it sure would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. You might have to specify step by step what you are doing. The model drags and drops okay on my end. Try this to test a simple case. Create new Choreography Locate Hero model in the Library Drag Hero model into the Choreography window Hit Control Z just to make sure he didn't attach to something out of view I assume all other models are dropping into a Chor window fine? It happens on every model for me....well the ones I have tried (I usually drag the rabbit ot Keekat). Try dragging fast. It seems like if I drag slowly, I can eventually get it to work but there is definitely an issue on my end. Thanks.
  11. How does one accomplish this? Thanks.
  12. Awesome...done in a few seconds as opposed to 1 1/2 hours. Thank you soooooooooooo much for the help.
  13. I would like to have 2 versions of A:M so I am considering buying a used version and paying the $99 for the upgrade. Is this an acceptable approach? As long as I have a valid serial #, is there any issues? I want to have a second machine that I can push my rendering over to while I am continuing to work on my main machine. Thanks.
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