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  1. There's old order and new order. New order can use electricity, cell phones, various tech, as long as it's on a prepaid basis. They can't owe outsiders. That's why they have their own banks. Of course, there aren't only Amish here. I figured with five colleges in this county and enough farmland to supply them all with weed, there'd be a few people interested in cartoons and movies. Does O state not have computers? What's going on here?
  2. This seems like a long shot since I'm posting from Amish country, but are there any animasters in the area or Wayne or Ashland counties? Anywhere in Ohio?
  3. Lately, I noticed that every time I read in this forum GOD goes on a killing spree I don't think I can handle the pressure of animation. Who are we to decide who's time it is!?
  4. Great job so far! But this may be one of those situations where you have to put all the high res parts in seperate files and have low res versions of the whole body for long shots. good luck! I'm looking forward to the decaled renders
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