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  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
  2. While the texture is very realistic, the shape of her head is somewhat odd: The lower lip smaller than the upper lip, which is rare. The mouth is rahter wide, as is the bridge of her nose. Her philtrum is missing. The eyes are too far apart. The chin is to pointy and her cheekbones are to exaggerated. Other than that, it*s a great start. Norbert
  3. I'm not Chris, but i bought the commercial version of jenpy's "fakeAO" plugin. It's very, very nice, especially in combination with a:m's image based lighting the link: http://jenpy.noob.jp/fakeao/fakeao_e.htm Norbert
  4. Thank you very much! As a gift to myself, i bought a license for FakeAO, so it was a happy Birthday. Norbert
  5. Time is money I realized that my old computer was from 2007. It ran Vista, which sucked. The new one is not only much faster, but also much less noisy. 1400 bucks in four years: 30 bucks per month, that's not that bad. A new machine will save you a lot of time, Nancy. More RAM is more noticeable than a slightly faster processor. Norbert
  6. Hi Nancy, it's an Acer Predator G3610 (who come's up with names like this?) with 8GB RAM. Graphic card is an AMD Radeon HD 6850. It came with Windows 7 home premium. It has two USB 3 slots, but my USB gadgets are still version 2.0. What I really like about this machine is the second, smaller solid state hd drive with Windows on it. This boots really fast. Norbert
  7. version of A:M: 16.0b render time 2:44 CPU Brand and model: Intel Core i7-2600 Actual CPU speed in GHz: 3.4 how many cores A:M is using: couldn't find that RAM: 8Gb OS: Windows 7 Norbert
  8. This is a common problem in photography also. Adding a small amount of noise usually helps.
  9. That would be great! Your models are awesome and it would be very generous of you to put up some tutorial. Norbert
  10. Very lovely character, what's written on his loin-cloth? Especially the first picture makes me wonder wether he's missing some claws, but i'm not sure about this one. Norbert
  11. This is by all means one of the finest cg-pictures I ever saw. Absolutely outstanding, Jim! Norbert
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