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    Why, computer animation of course! Well, software engineering pays the bills, so I should mention that.
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    15" MacBook Pro Retina 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 16GB RAM, 512 GB SDD
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  1. Thanks for the info Simon! I'll give it a try. -Sean
  2. Hi Simon, Yes, I use Boot Camp on my Mac and dual boot into Windows 7. I'll post again to let folks know about my hopeful solution. -Sean
  3. Hi Simon, I actually did install the license under Windows (I dual boot my Mac) and the license no longer works. I've since figured out what the problem is: I think the license mechanism reads the MAC address of the Ethernet adapter (which is a unique number) as a means of identifying the host it's running on. The thing is, my MacBook Pro doesn't have a built-in wired Ethernet adapter. I had the Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter plugged in at the time and the software registered to that. However, when you don't have the adapter plugged in, that MAC address is no longer present and A:M think
  4. Oh boy. Well, it was working under Windows 7/Boot Camp, but now when I launch it, I'm getting "Wrong host for license (-4)". I emailed support, so hopefully they'll have some idea.
  5. Hi Rob, Yeah, that was my thinking too. I've generally had better experience with the Windows version of A:M. BTW - I'm always amazed at how fast I can get answers on the A:M forums - I've truly never experienced anything like it on any other forum. When you post here, I always imagined that sirens and flashing yellow lights go off somewhere and a crack team of A:M experts get mobilized...or something like that. Thanks! -Sean
  6. Hi folks, I decided to play around with A:M v18 (I've been an on/off A:M user for many years) and I'm faced with the same dilemma when I buy a subscription: should I use the Windows version or the Mac version? I'm primarily a Mac person, but I have Windows 7 installed under BootCamp as well. I've had stability issues with the Mac version of A:M in the past. In general, what is the consensus with stability regarding OS X vs Windows version? I don't want to start a platform war! I use both (and Linux), but I'm just looking for a recommendation since I have a choice. Also, it's not expl
  7. I love the quote in your signature! That's a great attitude. Thanks everyone!
  8. Hi everyone! I've been an A:M user on and off over many years and was even briefly involved in the Scarecrow of Oz project. I recently watched the TWO DVD and really enjoyed it. It inspired me to pick up A:M again. I might even get through all the exercises in the AoA:M manual this time. Nice to see you all again! -Sean
  9. I stand corrected: I actually finished exercise four! I'm further along than I remembered.
  10. Hi everybody, Well, I'm back once again! I'm picking up where I left off after finishing exercise three, and I really want to get through the entire AoA:M this time. Actually, I'm working in a much less stressful job now, so it should allow me more time to work on my animation skills. I just want to say, the A:M community is one of the nicest bunch of people I've had the pleasure of talking to online, so I'm glad to be back. -Sean P.S. - TWO is looking awesome!!
  11. Wow! These characters are awesome. Great work!
  12. Im in Bradenton, Fla and been playing around with AM for awhile. I just posted a new message in this forum, so feel free to respond to the new one if you would like to be counted in. Thanks! -Sean
  13. Hi everyone, I posted a message similar to this almost two years ago. I got a couple of responses, but not much else. I'm still looking for any A:M users in central FL who might be interested in getting together. I live in Ocala, which is about 1/2 hour south of Gainesville. I can drive to Tampa or Orlando if the need arises. So, let's try this one more time! -Sean
  14. What a great video! I always liked that song -- the animation fits it very well! -Sean
  15. Wow! What a beautiful model! Can't wait to see it textured.
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