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    Movies, Music, Games, 3D and Sports. Composing original instrumentals.
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    Advanced 64 bit server with windows xp pro, 2GB ram, 500GB HD, Radeon 9800XT video, Optical recording studio for sound (state of the art), full duplication and replication of CDs and DVDs in our replication studio and printing directly on CDs and DVDs with our assembly line printer. Lastly, composing services using pro level Korg and Technics keyboards and a bevy of synthesis techniques and instruments and orchestral and percussive sampling.

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    Tampa, FL
  1. I upgraded to Windows 10. Now when I click on the 64 bit icon for Animation Master to run it, it tells me I am running a wrong host in a message box and that's it. Anyone else encounter this? What can I do? I literally paid barely a month ago and now I cannot use Animation Master! Mike
  2. No matter what I do the DirectX exporter refuses to show in 32bit or 64 bit versions. I am using the trial version for now. I put the AMXtex,hxt file in both the HXT folder and the root folder. Does not seem to matter. It does not show up in the export plugin area. Without this ability I just cannot use A:M. I can convert from .x format to .fbx with UU3D Pro, which I bought years ago. Mike
  3. Is there a working Direct X or FBX exporter for A:M v18? I use Unity3D and would like to use A:M for modelling and rigging. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone. It's really funny. I watched the two powerpoint slideshows available in the video manual area. The history of animation and 3D. What strikes me as funny is that one way or another, I have owned a copy of EACH and EVERY one of Martin Hash's products over the last 30 years!!! It started on my Amiga and then my PCs and apples. I have had a love affair with 3D animation since I saw STAR WARS, Tron and The Last Starfighter. When I found out that people were using lightwave (I had a video toaster back then) to make Babylon 5's effects, I was blown away. Animation Master (then Playmation and a host of other names) was always easier to use. Since I was a proficient Corel Draw user, A:M has always appealed to me. I have been a part of every major 3D app since the inception of 3D apps. Heck, I even talked many times with Steven Worley on the phone back in the old Silver and Imagine days, as well as the owners of Imagine. I never did get to talk with Martin, however. I was even at Siggraph back when it was in Orlando (98 maybe?) - I had a booth for my company Creative Imaging, and Martin Hash was just a few rows down. That is, I believe, the 1st time I bought a copy live and in person. It's too bad I am not better at animation and modelling than I would like to be. So, let me re, re, re, re, re, re-introduce myself. My name is Mike Felker and many people on many forums know me as Karmacomposer. I am an award-winning composer and own a recording studio and production company. Check out www.world-class-multimedia.com to see what we do. I LOVE Animation Master. I loved it decades ago and I am SOOOOOOOO glad I am back. I almost always updated my copy ($99, how could you beat it) when I would receive my reminder brochure in the mail. I was a bit too late on this one and Martin did away with the upgrade price, so I went the subscription route since I am in this for the long haul. The reason I want to do 3D so badly is for gaming. I love making game levels, art and, of course, music scores. We have done several and plan to do many more. 3D falls into place in many areas we do, like TV commercials and multimedia. Even though I currently own Maya 5, Lightwave 9, Carrara 6 Pro, Hexagon2, Silo2, Truespace and many copies of A:M, including v15, A:M is the ONLY one I really can make things happen in. Obviously, I simply suck at all the others, but A:M really works the way I think. So, I just want to say "Hello" again and I REALLY want to master A:M this time - I am COMMITED to learning how to model, texture and animate with it. Because we do video productions, it is interesting as heck to do real-life lighting for a project and then try and do the same thing virtually in A:M. I am not getting any younger, so I appreciate anyone's help when I have questions, no matter how silly, stupid or ignorant they may be. I apologize in advanced if I become a pest. I do have a question about using my render farm. I have 10 powerful computers in my office and use them with Carrara all the time (too bad I can never make anything too good in it - lol), but I am confused as to how to make use of the A:M network rendering capabilities. Being that I used to be a network engineer and computer technician, and am a computer programmer in a few languages, I am pretty technically inclined, so why this has me stumped I don't know. Is there a separate application I have to install? Thanks for anyone's assistance. I did not know there was something in Orlando this past weekend or I would have gone to it. Darn it!!!! I am also looking forward to helping out in community projects and would gladly lend my music scoring abilities, at the very least, if needed. All the best to all of you, Mike
  5. Hello all. Wesley Chapel here (right by Zephyrhills and not far from Tampa, Lakeland or Orlando). I use AM and other 3D software. Good to see plenty of Floridians here. Mike
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