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    Animation for the sole sake of self expression without the badgering of corporate weenies.<br><br>Making artists understand that some people just cannot draw - period.<br><br>Anime(ish) style rendering.<br><br>Retching when old "classic" american animation pops up on TV.<br><br>Authors I enjoy - Katherine Kurtz, Marion Zimmer-Bradley, Card, etc.
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    Sony Viao Laptop Win XP Home, SP2 1/2 G RAM ATI Radeon Mobility 9000

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    Bill Woelbeling
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    Carbondale, IL
  1. Hi Chris; While I am truly unhappy that you have made the decision to close Obsidian, I understand and respect your choice and thank you very much for the work that you have done and the very gracious way you chose to terminate. I wish you all the best and hope to see you around the community. Bill Woelbeling Data Visualization Technology CDM, Inc Carbondale, IL
  2. I am trying to get in touch with Obsidian Games, author/publisher of AMtex DirectX export module for A:M. My problem is commercial-critical. If anyone from Obsidian is monitoring these forums, please contact me ASAP. Bill
  3. I am having (maybe) related problems. I am trying to use AMTex, through Fragmotion, to create mesh files for OGRE. It appears that fragmotion is loading the .X file but the resulting mesh in OGRE is quite invisible. There are several variables in my problem, not the least of which is that I am using the unregistered version of fragmotion which may be the problem. Unfortunately, I have not gotten any feedback from the parties involved Bill
  4. Hi there, In the past I was using Milkshape and another exporter as my pipeline for A:M->Ogre. There were many limitations but very simple meshes could be brought across. In an effort to make my efforts in a:M more effective, I tried Heiner's method. Unfortunately, I am getting A:M terminating problems if I select variable patch breakdown instead of one of the three fixed tesselation numbers. I am using A:M v13q (the most recent I believe) and the version of Obsidian Games' .X export plugin that was current as of yesterday. Any thoughts? Heiner - are you using the variable patch tesselation or one of the fixed ones? Bill
  5. Hi FMB; I have attached a screen capture that should look similar to somthing you may see. If you right click on the file and select "Send to" and then "Compressed (zipped) folder", Windows will create a zip file for you. Of course, there may be a few little steps to take care of before it will finish. There are other ways to do the same thing like using a program called WinZip or WinRAR but they cost $. If windows asks you questions as you are trying the way I described, relax, read the question twice, and then make a good choice in your answer. If you chicken out (just kidding) on a question it asks, write down the question and repost it here. We'll try and help you out. Make sure that you write down the question so that we know exactly what was asked. Have a great weekend! Bill
  6. David - Something that will help me understand the concepts and the processes is what I was looking for. Sounds like your face rigging tutorial just may hit the spot. Thanks for the heads-up. Bill
  7. Rigging Masters - I have followed the Squetch rig development for quite some time and actually have some semi-free time to experiment. I can follow the installation instructions fairly well right upto the point at which we are to assign geometry to bones through CP weighting. Is there any material out there that I can look at or work through that would help me understand how to complete this task? Your thoughts and patience is greatly appreciated. Bill
  8. Steve is a great man and has always been a pleasure to work with. I never met him in person but I know from my working with him that he is a good, kind, intelligent man with a warm happy soul. Thinking of Steve brings a smile to my face. He is passing into the loving arms of The Creator. God bless him and keep him. My sorrow falls for the Anzovins - rejoice in the man that Steve was and is. Remember him always. He will always be with you. Bill
  9. David; Mad at you? You must be an uber-team player! Your doing some really great work and putting in a lot of hours in the process. The work that you are doing will ripple well beyond the glory that is TWO. Do you have kids? Have you seen how jumpy they get as Christmas morning approaches? Well, Santa-Simmons - we kids already know whats in the box under the tree. Try telling a kid to be patient Is it ready yet is it ready yet is it ready yet is it ready yet??????? Sleep? How can you sleep when there are thousands of eyes watching your every move? Executive summary - THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOUR DOING!!
  10. Hi Chris; I am truly no wizard but maybe my fumblings can shed some light on the problem? First of all, I am using v12.0K on a PC (It can make a difference) What I did was lathe out a sphere as a new model and put a single bone in it. I assigned the CPs of the upper half of the sphere to this bone. I then created a new action for model1 (the default name of my sphere model. No surprise, the sphere showed up with the single bone. When I wiggle the bone, the CPs on the top half of the sphere wiggle with it. I closed the action window and went back to my modeling window. I added a new bone as a sibling of the first bone (parent is the root or model bone) and gave it the remaining CPs. I then right clicked on my action and selected Edit with Model1. The new bone was present and when wiggled it jiggled the CPs on the lower half. I also tried doing this without closing the action window in the middle. I was hoping to have found a weird little bug but, alas, the bone showed up in the action window as soon as I created it. ================= Are you editting the action with the same model that you are making the skeletal changes to? You used the phrase "control bones". Are these bones that work on geometry bones through relationships? If so, did you turn on the pose that controls those relationships in the action? Bill
  11. David (and Crew); My comment are only intended to show that complexity can be accounted for in many ways. You can choose to combat complexity in a product (your rig) through education. You don't have to make something simple for simple people to use it - just raise the audience's understanding. Thanks folks for the exceptional work your doing. Bill
  12. A comment on the ease of installation issue (in my opionion of course) - You need to have a uber-good tutorial. Have a zero-level newbie (at the determined level of pre-req) try your tutorial and note the sticking spots. Once someone moves beyond this zero-level, they start to quickly put things from conscious to unconscious. An example of this is driving a car. When your folks took you out for your first try at driving, you actually were told "look left, look right, clear, go". After a couple of weeks your head just swings around without thought. AM and cars are similar in this aspect - you do alot of things unconsciously when using AM. My point? Some of the tasks that you lay out as simple steps in your installation guide/tutorial may be too big for a zero-level moron like myself. Step 17 - Assign geometry to geometry bones. You experienced riggers instinctively assign points based on experience. Perhaps you could break this down a bit and help us to learn the "how" and the "why". The tech talk video series is excellently produced. Perhaps the Hash staff could produce an extended "Installing the 2005 Rig" video and perhaps one on "Animating with the 2005 Rig". I/we have also found, and this is no crack on David, that programmers/technicians often are not the best authors for documentation and seldom good on tutorials. This kind of author understands the technical aspects of the system but is capable of seeing the system through the eyes of a moron.
  13. Good Lord! I hope you don't get into Walmart. It would be a shame to see cases of BibleMan burst into flame as they cross the threshhold! I'm kidding! Thats great news. Go and get 'em. Bill
  14. I tried to post an AVI file in the new user's forum as the reult of one of the TAOA:M exercises and got a message that files of that type are not allowed. Is this a technical problem with my ISP (cellular is a bit odd at times) or are AVI files truely not allowed? If they are not allowed, could someone enlighten me as to why? Are they evil? Bill
  15. Thanks David. I look forward to test driving your installation. Rigging can be a bit daunting but fun at the same time. Bill
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