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  1. I tried rendering a chor. file in the bitmap format, and the sky became black on the rendered picture. When I rendered as an avi, the sky was light blue as usual. I would like the sky to be light blue in the bitmap. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for responding. I had stopped looking here for a response and thought that I would get a return message. I was not aware of the keys you spoke of or how to analyze them. I will have to look into that. At the peak of the boomerang motion, there were about 30% of the bubbles trying to return, but I kept fighting with them, and by the time I sent the file to you, I thought I had gathered every bubble I could find and sent it out of sight. I didn't understand how you planned to analyze what had happened and thought you just needed to know what I was trying to do. I guess part of the dif
  3. I made a skeleton for one model, and have several other models that are similar. How can I save the skeleton and use it in another model. Is there a way to export just the skeleton?
  4. robcat2075, I sent you the version that has the bubbles. I'm not sure what happened the first time. I also played the file with the bubbles emitter you made available. As I said in our messages, the file was a real eye opener. You and Rodney are 100% right! I should be using particles (spriticles). When I did Exercise 16 the first time in the book, I got through it finally, but it was very frustrating for me. I missed the whole point and thought, "Now I have a fire and smoke. This could be handy." Thanks for showing me how important particles and sprites can be.
  5. Well, no mistake about it--I'm a train wreck! I have had two or three issues in the last week or two, and another occurred last night. This time, however, I had the answer, because of the help I received previously. Here's what happened. I use version 15i. It is what I've used since I started in November 2011 when I started into this. I have been working on the same project since then and was afraid to change because I want it all to look consistent. Yesterday, I was updating a file I did about two years ago trying to make it better. It is a scene that is so large that I can only look at i
  6. It arrived and I responded. You did not get the response? My response was, "I hope you get this response." As directed, I did not send the file as an attachment.
  7. Runs With Scissors, I think you might have the answer as to why they are trying to come back to the diver if that is a characteristic of all action objects. It would be nice to have action objects that could depart in a prescribed way and never show up again until they magically reappear on the inside of the diver as the action begins again in the chor. I thought that was possible. As I said above, I am not sure where the limitations are in the program. Thanks for the input!
  8. Thanks, Rodney, for the suggestion of starting with the ends and filling in the middle. I do this frequently with familiar types of animation, but when I am trying something new, I often forget. Usually, I don't know exactly where I plan to end up and how many steps it will take to get there. I try to feel my way along and see what it looks like as I go. I'm really going to have to investigate these particles (spriticles) you and robcat have mentioned. I will checkout the zip file robcat sent asap. I agree that the Forum holds lots of promise. It is lonely and frustrating, howling in t
  9. robcat2075, I attempted to send you the embed all project file again, this time with the bubble action project, and once again when I sent the message, I got an error message that said you were not receiving any more messages and that the message could not be sent. Maybe, I'm going to the wrong place to send my message. This time, I looked in the members area and found you. I clicked under the send me a message area. I wrote a message and clicked to use the full editor so I could attach the project file. I browsed and attached. Then I sent and received the error message that the message was no
  10. Probably, I should do something other than what I am doing to make my bubbles emit from the divers and go where I want them to go. I don't know much about features like particle sprites, and probably I need to learn more about them. Maybe there is a tutorial on that. Simon also had an interesting approach, and when I have enough patience to work with bubbles again, I'll have to try that. I mainly have done lessons from the little book that comes with the program. I also have read quite a bit from the book by David Rogers. Probably, if I had taken a course or several and had progressed thro
  11. Thanks, Simon. Your suggestion sounds like a good one, and you seem to know quite a bit about this program. I will have to try your idea.
  12. Recently, I was trying to animate bubbles coming from my scuba divers' regulators. I constructed about 50 bubbles and put them inside my diver in an action file. I then tried to move different sized bubbles from inside the diver to just outside the regulator in groups of 12 or so bubbles that I would arrange in some sort of random formation. I then would try to move the group (mixing them up and changing the arrangement) every 10 frames further away from the diver. When I got them about two steps away, they started trying to come back to the diver. I would advance 1 frame and about 1/3 of the
  13. Thank you, Robert, for your suggestions. I guess the chor file got corrupted some way when I was working on it. Importing the content into a new chor file restored the functionality. I'm not sure why I wasn't able to send you the "embed all" file. The error message said that you were not receiving messages. I noticed you were not online at the time, but it surprises me that the message wasn't just put on a server like an email or something. I don't know how the forum software functions. It was a surprise to me that I could even send you a personal message with an attachment, and it took a min
  14. All I did with Fucher's instructions was to save the file as usual (not the "embed all" instruction) and then import the file into a new choreography opened in a new project. I think what made the file so big I was sending to you was the "embed all" instruction. I was making a movie poster with almost all of my characters and a couple of major sets from the movie. I think there were about 80 characters. The regular chor file is 433 KB.
  15. Robert, I tried to send you the project file about five minutes ago, but I received an error message that it could not be sent because you were not receiving any messages. The project file is about 41 MB long. Gerald Zum Gahr, I tried saving the chor file and importing it into another chor file, and that corrected the problem. Thanks!!!
  16. Thanks, Robert! The new blank project is not upside down in front view, but I don't want to toss away the old project because I have quite a few hours invested in it. Isn't there some control for making front view (number pad 2) go back to right side up?
  17. Front view is upside down. All other views and shortcut to camera display correctly. I don't know what I pushed. I cannot find a way to turn the front view right side up. This is not a camera issue as far as I can see. I've done two searches in the forum and did not find this question answered. This is probably something simple, but it hasn't happened to me before. I did not save. I closed out the project and started the file up again in a different project, but the front view still displays upside down, while all other views display correctly.
  18. The pose sliders sound like a great idea! Thanks!
  19. I was going to have a five minute conversation between two characters interrupted by flashbacks, scenes that illustrate a point being made, etc. Then I was going to put my cameras at three different positions and render. Finally, I was going to cut and edit the whole thing into a conversation with intervening scenes fading in and out. It seems from various experiments that the lip sync part of the program starts breaking down after about two sentences. Phonemes stop appearing on the lips of the speakers. Eventually, the lips of the speakers start tying themselves into knots. Is there a limit o
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