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  1. Hello! I'm ALVEE!!!! It has been a few months since I've come to this website. So HELLO! I don't have much to say...
  2. To get A:M do you NEED a credit card, or can you get it at a store????? -Alvee
  3. I don't have A:M yet.... Do you buy it straight off the internet, and it downloads onto your computer, or does it get sent to you in the mail??????? If it is downloaded, do you need to have internet access to access it????? -Alvee
  4. QUESTION: Is A:M like something you buy off the internet, and then go onto the internet and logon into it, or is it like downloaded to your computer and you can access it without internet??

    Anyone know?


  5. Hi!! (More Questions) I heard that normally animation softwares cost a lot (like in the thousands), and A:M costs 79$ or 299$. What makes it cost less?(than standard animation softwares) Since it is downloaded from the internet, do you have to pay with a credit card? When you save the data (characters) does it save to your documents, or the internet? (like if you save then you can log onto the internet to get it, or is it when you open up the program and it has it on it, or does it save to Documents?) Thanks!!!!!! -Alvee
  6. Hi!!! I'm new and have lots of questions, probably more after this too! Here is my list: 1) I heard there is a $79 version and $299 version, is that true? (If so) What is the difference? 2) Is Animation Master a harddrive, or softdrive, and is it like a CD or something???? 3) Where do I get it? (order it and it comes in mail, pay and download online, or get it at a store???) 4) Does Animation Master upgrade and have new versions? 5) How much memory does A:M have (how many characters/places/ect can it store)? 6) Does it ever expire or something (stop working)? 7) Does A:M have any glitches or mess-ups? 8) Has A:M been used in any movies? (like Incredebles, Despicable Me, ect...)?? 9) (I know it varies a lot, but...) About how long does it take to create something on A:M, like a character??? 10) Does Animation Master allow you to make backgrounds/places?? If you know the answers please reply! Thanks!!! -Alvee
  7. HI! I'm VERY new to hash Animation Master and I haven't got one yet. I really want to know more about it. When I was looking through the tutorials I couldn't find on where they MADE a charatcter. (I heard people made characters and backgrounds for movies with A:M) I'm wondering- Can you make characters? (If so) How detailed can they be? Can you make scenes and make mini or full length movies? (Last Question) If the answer is yes to all of those, what skills does it take to make them/what should I be good at? Please help me out!!! Thanks, Alvee
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