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  1. decal percentage is animatable so you can put it on a pose, hit on for no decals, off for them back or viceversa
  2. So I have a forearm with a number of small bones children of the forearm proper, that control the loops of cps along the arm, these bones are constrained to the hand bone with a rotate like so the motion of the hand when turning drives the shape of the forearm - this works pretty well until a certain angle is reached at which point the bones "snap" and the forearm goes all pretzel shaped, I think it's the dreaded gimbal lock or something like that. Any suggestions? How do people normally rig forearm motion?
  3. Excellent, I got it looping in rotoscope nicely, it's more convenient in roto because there's no need to mess with aligning it to the camera or removing lighting effects The avi I was using must've disagreed with AM somehow because the frame property didn't appear until I switched to another one. Also I did not know that post extrapolation trick, it will come in very handy Thanks!!
  4. Weird, my v13 doesn't have frames available under the image menu in layers and I checked I have advanced properties enabled this time... v15's layers are being temperamental (As in "not appearing at all even in renders" one of the many reasons I'm sticking with 13) I guess I'll resort to that
  5. Simple question, I want to pan over an existing looping video placed in chor as a rotoscope or layer, how do I get AM to loop it? Right now it plays once and gets temperamental if I try to set different lengths or key frame numbers. v15 seems to have more options for this than v13 and 13 seems to crop a frame or two from rotos but either version will do for what I want. Any hints? okay dropping the same video as a second rotoscope gives me another repeat but then there's no smoothness to the position keyframes... I'm probably missing some obvious "loop animation" button, right?
  6. I do this, I even animate colour in the group and material properties inposes to change the character's look even more, unfortunately the poses zero out to pure white rather than the original colour so you can animate Bruce Banner turning into the hulk but then when Hulk calms down he becomes an albino
  7. Yeah that's what I did for some reason it's empty. You can also make your own fairly easily clicking on the colour bar, but I imagine it'll be very confusing for new users to have no preset gradients.
  8. You could use a projection or environment map and animate it, it doesn't work quite the same as a decal but you can animate it. Here's an example using a projection map with transparency, if it weren't transparent it would render as bands moving along the surface of the body - nsfw due to nudity
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