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  1. Not the best animation, but it's progress. David11111 First Flight0.mov
  2. Rodney, I got the image sequence loaded into a new project. What do I right click on the get the "save as animation" option on the menu?
  3. I can edit and combine video clips with transitiions. I have The AVS suite of programs) and can add sound later. I'll play with the knowledge that I now have and see what happens. I'll combine the images in A:M and edit the clips and sound in AVS. Thanks again for your help, Robcat!
  4. It's just background music and engine droning nothing that has to be synchronized.
  5. thanks Guys! My plan was to get the video animated and then create a soundtrack ( basically music and sound effects, no dialogue) in my recording studio and then marry them together. If there is a beter way to go about it, I'm all ears.
  6. I tried rendering a 30 second clip to avi movie format. and things crashed. I rendered to jpg image format successfully. How do I now convert these images into an animation?
  7. I seem to remember that there was once a tutorial concerning making clouds. Perhaps from particles. Does anyone have any idea where I might find it?
  8. Thanks once again, robcat, got it fixed. Thank you for all your help.
  9. I'm using Version 19f. Is there an update with fixes?
  10. All of a sudden the keyboard controls are not doing what they have always done. I may have inadvertantly hit Control/something and changed what the keys do? Is there a way to get the keyboard settings back to a default setting?
  11. I'm using A:M 19.0 f. I am trying to tune up an old model. When I try to adjust the bias handles on cp's they behave in a bizarre manner. They lengthen and distort and won't properly respond to control of the mouse. Anybody have these difficulties?
  12. Hi Robcat, You have always been very helpful. It's too late for the contest, but it just so happens that my project involves a model of a plane.
  13. It's been a while since I've been on this Forum. Hi everybody. Well my CD broke with my version 15 on it so I got the 64 bit download version and some things have changed.I can deal with that, but I'm having a problem. I try to apply a decal and AM crashes when I hit apply. It does this when the application method is Planar. It doesn't crash when I apply in cylindrical mode, and of course, it is extremely distorted and quite unusable. Anybody have any clues?
  14. It used to be that when I had multiple objects open, there would be tabs at the bottom of the viewing window that would let me easily switch between them. Since I re-installed the tabs are no longer there. How do I get them back?
  15. A photographer friend from Astoria, Oregon posted this pic on Facebook a while back and titled it "The Clam Before The Storm". I felt the urge to do a short animation with an idea that immediately popped into my head and scared away the voices for a while. It is my intention to once again prove that even though the animation is crude and amateurish, the clip can still be funny. To Be Continued. . . . .
  16. Rodney, Robcat, and Mark (Legendary Creator of the Legendary Errol Flemm. . . . . . .Legendary, I say!!!) Three of my top dozen {or two} Forum members. It's good to hear your voices again! (And I DO hear them. It helps drown out those "other" darker voices. Thanks for your always helpful help. I couldn't remember Mark Scodacek's user name nor remember how to spell his last name. (Sorry Mark) I'll be using that generator so thanks for the link, Mark. I'll be checking out your tute, Robcat, and if it's as good as all your others I'll be up and running in no time. As per your suggesti
  17. WOW! Hello folks. I've been away from the forum for a while, and things have sure changed up while I've been gone. I'm using version 15.0J+ There have been a couple of new versions released. Is it possible to purchase a new CD version or is the only way to upgrade the yearly download option? Although I haven't been animating, I've been using A:M as an artistic tool to create "photo" borders. Before I left I was fairly confident in my modeling skills but stalled out learning rigging. I've decided that I want to attempt to animate a short piece, and to do this I'm gonna need to call
  18. LOL Too much Facebook, I found myself looking for the "like" button. Excellent work as always, Gene.
  19. I am so saddened to hear of Paul's passing. My heart is filled with so much to say, but the weight of the news has stifled the saying of it. We'll all miss you Paul.
  20. Life has kept me from the forum much more than I like and I haven't been keeping up. One of the things keeping me busy is working on this project. I've decided that I can only absorb so much new stuff in each project, but I AM making progress. John thanks for your help with the newton stuff, but I decided to do it the old fashioned way. I got the bitmapplus material working, (needs tweaking, I know) and did the breaking apart in an action. I know it isn't as smooth as it should be but its a start and can be tweaked as well. Thank you all for your generous help in getting me this fa
  21. Thank you all for your support. It means a lot.
  22. Get out your galoshes, it's gonna get mushy. Nancy and Rob, (flipped a coin for the billing order) as well as a slew of others, from the first moment I set my digital foot on this forum, have shown such extreme kindness and generosity such as you have just demonstrated on this thread. I have made a lot of progress with this amazing software and having still only scratched the surface, am in awe of you guys. Your CONTINUAL help to all of us who are constantly asking is appreciated more than you can know. From the bottom (and top) of my heart, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO. We now ret
  23. I don't understand the "Bake" concept and at this moment trying to comprehend it might make my head explode. I did render out some Darktree images and got them into Bitmap Plus Materials. I was thinking that the [/b]Blend[/b] property was animatable, but evidently I was wrong. Isn't there a way I could just animate the decals? I seem to remember seeing something a while back on that.
  24. Great Job, Mark. Your usual high standard. Looking forward the next episode!
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