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Hey Mark you've morphed again! ;)


I agree with Rodney.


You could have your hero look up as he's spotted the offscreen monster, his eyes follow as the monster falls and we get to see it briefly as it lands.


You could maybe cut to a close up of your terrified hero?

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Alrighty guys (I hope you're not too bored of this animation yet)


I've added more to the monster falling, as well as a reaction of the martian. I'm planning on cutting from this to a closeup of more of the martian's reaction.




Let me know what you think!

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I would add a little more time just before the green guy comes falling into the scene. Add enough time for your eye to take in and register the surroundings before the he falls into the scene. That would help emphasize the impact when he does fall into the scene. Nice bounce!


For better continuity I would also show the big guy turn and start to walk toward the door (perhaps viewed from the location of the door), before cutting to the view of him walking to the door with the door in view.


Nice work overall. Very interesting character designs. Lot's of potential here!


Look forward seeing the work unfold!


Bill Gaylord

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