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Similar to Prismatic Fracture, this movie is composited from two clips made in A:M.

The first clip (the color pattern) is the same as was used in Fracture.  It is used in four tracks in DaVinci Resolve.  The bottom track is the base clip with Composite mode = Normal.  Tracks 2, 3, and 4 are this clip image-flipped horizontally, vertically, and horizontally/vertically with Composite mode = Add to achieve a symmetrical image:




The second clip (the black and white pattern) uses the same black-edged white square sprite as Fracture, but the emitter is a truncated cone.  The resulting image has a large-scale symmetry while having an asymmetrical feel created by randomizing lifetime, size, orientation/spin, etc., of the sprites, and this not-quite-symmetrical sprite image breaks the symmetry of the color image:




The sprite clip is on top of the color clips with Composite mode = Multiply.  A frame from the final movie:




The soundtrack is another generative music composition made in LogicPro.  The piece uses the same orchestral instruments and effects processing as Fracture.  It is written in the Key of C and has no accidentals.  Each chord is made up of the 7 notes of the key, or in some cases 2 and even 3 octaves of notes.  Unlike the atonal quality of Fracture, this piece has a melodic/harmonic sound.  Additionally, I gave this piece more musical structure by resting groups of instruments over several/many bars at a time which creates a shifting density of sound as well as varying musical color/timbre.

As with Fracture, a Probability Gate is applied to each note of each chord in each instrument track to determine whether or not a particular note will sound.

If you are sensing a pattern here, you are correct.  I have one more prismatic movie in the works.  No sprites and a very different way of manipulating the color clip.  Coming soon.


Here is the YouTube link to Prismatic Iris:



Best to all,



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More trippy stuff!

The center black appears to be exactly circular. Is that applied in compositing to prevent the sprites from visibly popping on?

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You got it, Robert.  A small cheat to provide better definition of the iris by introducing a "pupil," a black circle that grows over the duration of the movie.  It is composited on the top of the clip stack.


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