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  • Hash Fellow

This is an edited compilation of A:M's incremental release notes so that they may be found in one place. This includes new features and enhancements but excludes bug fix and SDK reports.

I will endeavor to organize this and add links to relevant documentation and explanations as I find them. If you see something here that already has existing documentation, PM me and I will add it.

v19 New features and enhancements

Top Five Hot v19 Features...

  • Bullet Physics includes soft body simulations
  • SVG importer enables design of lathe and extrusion outlines in low-cost vector art programs
  • Bias Handle Aim at next CP simplifies common mechanical modeling task of creating straight splines
  • Birdseye View Queue allows stepping through many previous birdseye views
  • Scale to  X=0 reduces common Copy/Flip/Attach prereq to one step

Been away for a while? Check out the v18 features in the next post!

Bullet Physics
Bullet replaces Newton for dynamic simulations. See full Bullet Section at bottom.


Coding optimizations make v19 render 10-15% faster than v18. This benefit will vary by CPU


  • Birdseye View Queue v19a
    It is now possible to step back/forward through many previous Birdseye views rather than just recalling the single most recent one (Numpad 7).
    •  undoing/redoing for view position now have a separate undo stack, have their own buttons and shortcuts...
    • BirdsEyeViewQueue.jpg
    • shortcut for view undo Shift+Alt+Z
    • shortcut for view redo Shift+Alt+Y
    • If You don't make a new install or "Reset Toolbars" You must manually add the buttons from Tools->Customize->Commands->Standard
    • Discussion thread: https://forums.hash.com/topic/50244-birds-eye-view-queue/
  • Clear Undo stack (Edit menu) v19a
    Removes all entries from undo/redo.
    Also has a button...

    Forum thread Feature Clear Undo Stack
  • Choreography Groups v19L
    Added the possibility to add other objects to the named chor group(select the chor group -> than Shift + LMB Selectionobjects.
    Can be deleted with a Dialog (RMB -> "Remove From Groups...").
  • "Constant" parameters in PWS now display their current values in the timeline.

  • CP Weights dialog box v19c
    Remembers last position.
  • Duplicate for objects in a chor. v19a
    Right Click/Duplicate Menu entry "Duplicate" for objects in a chor. If the Shift key is held down while clicking "Duplicate," keys from the source object are not copied.
  • Progressive Render Limit v19c
    Progressive renders can be set to make less than five passes to allow more quickly regaining control of the interface after onscreen test renders.

    This setting also exists in Camera properties so each camera view can have its own setting.
  • Render settings dialog box v19a
    • Resizable
    • Maximize Render to File Dialog Window button added
    • File Menu>"Render to File" Option added
    • Render to File dialog box Size/Open/Collapse state are remembered. Works only in "Advanced mode" Two new buttons here too, "Expand All" and "Collapse All", expand/collapse all possible properties
  • Reset Toolbars (Help menu) v19a
    Reset all toolbars to their default layout.
  • Save before Render: v19a
    saves the project, if it is modified, after hit "OK" in the "Render to File Settings" Dialog can be controlled with the "Save upon Render" checkbox at Tools/Options/Rendering , Default is ON
  • Translate manipulator minimum size v19m
    The translate and the scale manipulator now scaled up, if the size is too small AND the "World Space" button is set to ON.
  • Viewport settings Copy/Paste v19j
    It's now possible to Copy/Paste Viewport settings from one window to another one. Click on the Viewport settings display to open the "View Settings" dialog for the source window , push "Copy", open the "Viewport Settings" dialog for the destination window, push "Paste"


    Viewport Settings display is at lower right corner of A:M




  • Bias Handles: Aim bias handle at next CP v19n
    Holding ALT while adjusting bias handle snaps the bias to the next CP on the spline in direction of the handle side.
    SHIFT+ALT leaves the bias handle on the other side unchanged.
    Discussion thread with demo video
  • Bias Handles Snap to Grid button v19a
    New button for this , Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator (default key Shift+2)


    Acts like "Snap to Grid". Existing installations needs to add this button manually to the toolbar or "Reset Toolbars"
    [demo video in post]
  • Bias Handles Snap To Grid menu option v19a
    When a group of CPs is selected, RMB >Snap Bias to Grid snaps the in- and out-bias for the selected CPs to the nearest grid interval.
  • CP weighting dialog Cancel/Undo/Redo v19a
    The weight dialog has now a "Cancel" button , which reverts the changes done in the dialog to the state before the dialog was started.
    Weighting has now also a general Undo/Redo , if the dialog is exited with the "Done" button.
  • Remove Internal Patches v19a
    "Remove internal patches" Tries to break internal patches , detach CPs from detected internal patches and create a named group with this CPs for 3 and 5 point patches it works only partially depends on the spline layout.
    [demo video in post]
  • Remove unused drivers menu entry. v19a
    Delete all drivers without a key available only for model cache, not for instances.
  • Remove User Properties menu entry for models. v19a
    Deletes all user properties and relationships for this model available only for model cache, not for instances. Warning : This action is not undoable
  • Reset Main Bone v19h
    Set the main model bone back to the default values (helpful for simulation with bullet constraint, if the main bone not at default , unexpected behavior can occur)
    For objects> RMB menu -> "Reset Main Bone".
  • Scale Group to X=0 v19a
    Before doing a Copy-Flip-Attach it is good practice to scale all the center spline CPs to be truly on the center axis. Now this task can be done in one step: select the CPs and then RMB>"Scale Group to X=0".
  • Show Groups, where the CP is included CPGroup.jpg
    Button will show which groups a CP is in.

    For existing installations the button needs to be added manually. Add the button Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator -> "Show Groups, where the CP is included" to the toolbar, or "Reset Toolbars" For new installations, it's default in the manipulator toolbar. Works only for single selected CPs.
  • Spline and CP selection from PWS v19n
    It's now possible to select Spline and CP from the PWS. Select the Spline or CP (under Objects -> Your model -> Splines) and hit RMB
  •  SVG importer: v19a
    Plugin for importing the SVG vector graphic format. This enables graphic outline importing as the .AI importer does.


  • Particle system: Hair v19a
    • Support for Turbulence on forces.
    • Forces no longer need high magnitudes to affect hair dynamics
    • groom mode: selected guide CPs now drawn with the selected CP color
    • groom mode: added possibility to select more than one Hair guide for operations except the "Brush Mode" operation
    • two new buttons
      • "Select Hair guides" SelectHairGuides.jpg
        if You press this button you are now in the selection mode, and can select more than one Hair guide. Limitation: it's only possible to select one Hair guide CP, for the other selected Hair guides the Hair guide CP from the first selected Hair guide is used.
      • "Deselect Hair guides" DeSelectHairGuides.jpg
        deselect all selected Hair guides
  • Hair grooming Disable Particle System Update v19o
    For faster manipulation of hair guides.
    Implemented for Edit, FK, Brush and Lengthen Mode.
    [demo video in post]

    New button "Disable Particle System Update" is available under Tools->Customize->Commands->Categories:Tools to add this to Your grooming bar...
      The other way to enable this button is Help->Reset Toolbars
      If this button is checked, the particle system is not updated while you're modifying the hairguides.

      Be sure that only the window where You modify the guides is visible
      (no tiled or cascaded view mode), otherwise the other views are updated.
  • Particles: Color change over lifetime v19L
    Streak and Blobbies there is a new Bool property, "Color change over lifetime". This controls how the color is changed.
    Default ON: the color is changed over the lifetime from each particle
    OFF: the color change is done for all particles simultaneously.
  • Simcloth v19c
    Simulations faster with with OpenMP (multicore processing), to disable this option set "Tools->Options->OpenMP Threads" to "Disable OpenMP"
  • Simcloth v19b
    • "Custom Attach groups" now only editable in material instances. Makes no sense to edit the cache. Attach groups are used for temporarily constraining a portion of a SimCloth to a bone. For example, to have a character pickup and drop a handkerchief.
    • new property "Remove previous simulation Data" Deletes the simulation data from previous Simulation. Setting it to "OFF" is helpful, when the cloth object has many CPs. Default is "ON"



  • plugin: Batch v19d
    added Bullet "Rolling friction" and possibility to set the values back to default.
  • Plugin: Brick v19a
    • it's now possible to add Bullet Constraints for the instanced model. Access with RMB>Choreography>plugins>wizards>Brick
    • z position can be set
    • models can be imported in user folders
    • save/restore settings
    • documentation
  • Plugin: Simple_Scatter v19a
    • it's now possible to add Bullet Constraints for the instanced model
    • models are now imported into user folder
    • documentation
  • Polygon import plugins v19L
    If peak tolerance is set to 0 , all CPs are peaked ,useful for importing mechanical models.
    If peak tolerance is set to 360 , all CPs are smooth


  • Bake Surface: optional larger margin for Baked Surfaces. v19a


    Makes it easier to use some paint program filters on tiled image maps.
    Options dialog accessed by holding SHIFT while selecting "Bake Suface"
  • Distortion Box Action Objects Resolution v19a
    Now the same resolution as the modeling window Distortion boxes (maximum 1000), and now uses for initial value the same settings as for the distortion box in the modelling window.
  • Measure Distance v19n
    Menu entry "Measure Distance".
    Select 2 CPs (both in same view) -> RMB -> "Measure Distance".
    If more than 2 CPs are selected the distance is calculated for the first 2 CPs in the group.
    Can also be started from the PWS, select a CP entry, then select a second CP while holding down the CTRL key -> RMB -> "Measure Distance"
  • "Render Stamp to File" v19p
    Discussion in AMReport 7054
    Discussion in v19p announcement

    This renders the actual stampview to file with a user defined resolution.
    If You start from the stamp entry in the PWS and the stampview isn't open,
    a new stamp view is opened.
    In the dialog , which opend after hit the menu entry, You can change
    • the Path and Filename (the button on the right side)
        fileformat is selected trough the filename extension
        (supported OpenEXR, TGA, PNG and PSD)
    • the "Width" and "Height" for the newly created file
        limited to 16384 x 16384 for Win64 version, 8192 x 8192 for the others
        the limitation is the result size , means a resolution from 32768 x 8192
        is also possible.
        On the highest resolution around 14 Gigabyte is needed at the creation
        The width and height are always changed to a even size.
        (1025 becomes 1028 , always modulo 2)
    • "Save layered"
        If this checkbox is checked, two layers are created , one for the decal self
        and one for the splines.
        For all formats ,excluding OpenEXR, in this case two files are created
        with the naming scheme "Filename"_Decal".Extension" and "Filename"_Splines".Extension"
        OpenExr is saved as one file with two layers.
    • "Render with CP's"
        rendering also the CP's on the spline layer
  • A new menu entry for single stamps / a opened stamp view is added.


Bullet Physics - v19a

Bullet replaces Newton for simulations. Bullet includes soft body simulations which were absent in Newton.

Alpha Documentation

  • constraint: Bullet Constraint for dynamic simulation with the Bullet physics engine.
  • constraint: Bullet Soft Constraint v19d
    Model with this constraint applied act as softbodies (deformable hull) in Bullet simulation
  • Reset Main Bone v19h
    for objects> RMB menu -> "Reset Main Bone", set the main model bone back to the default values (helpful for simulation with bullet constraint, if the main bone not at default , unexpected behavior can occur)
  • Plugin: Add bullet constraints to multiple models in a cho. v19a
    RMB on choreography -> "Add Bullet Constraints to multiple models".
  • Plugin: Modify Bullet Constraints on multiple models v19d
    Modify parameters for bullet rigid constraints on multiple models in a chor. Only parameters where the checkbox "Set" is active are applied to the selected bullet constraints. RMB on choreography -> "Modify Bullet Constraints on multiple models"
  • Menu Remove Bullet Constraints v19d
    RMB menu for Choreography has now an entry "Remove Bullet Constraints" starts a dialog, where You can select the Bullet constraints , You want to remove from models (Extended selection in the listbox)
  • Menu Bake and Remove Bullet Constraints v19h
    for chor >RMB menu -> bake simulation data and then remove the Bullet Constraints from the models. If the Shift key is held while clicking this entry, a simulation run is first done for all Bullet Constraints.
  • Plugin: Batch v19d
    added Bullet "Rolling friction" and possibility to set the values back to default.
  • Plugin: Brick v19a
    • it's now possible to add Bullet Constraints for the instanced model. Access with RMB>Choreography>plugins>wizards>Brick
  • Plugin: Simple_Scatter v19a
    • it's now possible to add Bullet Constraints for the instanced model



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  • Hash Fellow

v18 New features and enhancements

This list for v18 is complete but not properly formatted or edited yet.

Top Five Hot v18 Features

  • Screenspace Ambient Occlusion AO look without the render time
  • Onionskin Toolbar makes onionskin usage more efficient and convenient.
  • User Defineable/Saveable Layouts
  • Snapshot for precise decal template placement
  • OpenGL3 improved reatime performance.



  • Set Camera to current view v18k
    Two new menu entries for camera objects in a chor

    • "Set camera to bird view"
      Transfer the actual camera view into a birdseye view in perspective mode
    • "Set bird view from camera"
      Transfer the actual birdseye view to the selected camera, switch to camera view and make keyframes for rotation and transformation. The birdseye view must be in perspective mode otherwise this option is not available.
  • the Introduction dialog v18a
    (Help -> Introduction) now has workable links to the single section (like mouseover effect)
  • Magnet mode>Display single manipulator  v18a
    With checkbox ON(default), the magnetic field radius is only drawn for the last selected CP.
    With the checkbox OFF, the magnetic field radius is drawn for each selected CP. The radius is adjusted with the manipulators from the last selected CP.

    Magnet mode has always worked with more than one CP selected, however the OFF option allows you to see the influence area of all the selected CPs more easily.

    Set in Tools>Options>Units
  • OSX dialog

    If a dialog hangs, you can now quit it with Cmd+Q v18a

  • Polygon mode (only OpenGL3)  v18a
    Tools->Options->OpenGL In shaded views, the polygon structure is displayed, which will be used when you export the model/chor in a polygon export format like stl/obj etc..
  • Quad view  v18a
    Creates a 2x2 arrangement of four windows in the modeler Viewport. For users who prefer simultaneous orthogonal views.
    RMB on the model in the PWS > Quad View 
  • Realtime subdivisions  increased   v18a
    Now offers 1, 4, 16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096,Adaptive subdivisions. 256 and above require significantly more time in Realtime views.
  • Realtime subdivision Limit v18a
    new checkbox on global property page "Limit realtime subdivisons".
    Default ON, limits the real time subdivisions to 1,4,16,Adaptive
  • Reload Images v18L

    popup menu entry for imagecontainer

    reload all images, if the timestamp for a image is modified , refresh icons in the project bar and real-time textures related sdk command GetHProject()->ReloadImages();

  • Reload Image v18L
    popup menu entry for single image
    reload the image, if the timestamp for the image is modified , refresh icons in the projectbar and real-time textures

  • Respect Z-Order v18m
    When ON, CPs which are covered by other patches are no longer selectable (also not selectable with group or lasso modes), works in all views. image.png
    Add button manually from Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator" (filled cube with a red Z). 
    Add keyboard shortcut at "Tools->Customize->Keyboard-->Respect Z-Order.
  • Rotoscope change v18d
    No longer allowed to drag rotoscopes on light or camera caches (the originals in Objects folder), only allowed for instances of light/camera in a chor/action or lights inside a model.
    Notes for the special case lights inside a model (in the bone hierarchy): "if show more than drivers" is selected , the rotoscopes are NOT visible but they still affect rendering, this is an accommodation for Netrender. It was very tricky to get this to work ....
  • Simple Bone Draw Mode v18d
    Option to select the visual representation of bones. Switching to simple bone draw mode (bones are drawn as simple line instead of pyramid shaft). Reduces screen clutter
    Keyboard shortcut "Shift+7" or the optional button from Tools->Customize->Commands->Draw SimpleBoneDraw.png
    Custom keyboard shortcut can found at Tools->Customize->Commands->Keyboard "Toggle Bone Draw Mode
  • Snapshot
    • Save Snapshot   v18a
      Button saves an image of the current  active view. This is useful for capturing a wireframe view to use as a template for texture painting.

      CTRL-button brings up dialog box for resolution and save location

      Directory where the snapshot is saved is configurable at Tools->Options->Backup
      The toolbar button for this is under Tools->Customize->Commands->Render
      The snapshot is saved as a targa file

    • Save Snapshot [context menu]  v18a

      automatically applied back to model new menu entry for this "Apply Snapshot", available only in the context menu from a view filename, extension (tga,jpg,png,exr), save destination configurable.

    • "Apply Snapshot" v18n

      • changed "Apply Snapshot"
      • applied snapshot now correct scaled , if a value 1 is used for the created decalimage
      • possible to input the value for scaling numerical
    • Save Snapshot (Button) and Apply snapshot (menu entry)v18a
      If you hold down the Ctrl (Mac Shift) key, while clicking this command a dialog appears, where you can change the size for the created image, the Filename and image format

  • User-definable workspace/window layout presets  v18a
    User can Load, Save and Delete layouts from the View menu
  • Select Spline#/Select CP#
    • Relationships v18a
      the menu commands "Select Spline#" and "Select CP#" in the PWS, selects now the spline/CP in the relationship window, no longer in the PWS
    • Choraction v18a
      The menu commands "Select Spline#" and "Select CP#" in the PWS, selects now the spline/CP in the relationship window, no longer in the PWS, if the current viewmode for the chor is "Modeling" or "Muscle"
    • Action v18a
      the menu commands "Select Spline#" and "Select CP#" in the PWS, selecting now the spline/CP in the relationship window, no longer in the PWS, if the current viewmode for the action is "Muscle"
  •  "Zoom Selected Object" button v18k
    Add this button manually from "Customize->Commands->Navigation" to a toolbar keyboard. Default Shortcut remains Ctrl+Shift+Z but can be changed now.
    If You use this from camera or light view, it creates a keyframe for the computed new rotation
  • Viewport Settings Dialog: Apply v18k
    Added a "Apply" button applied changed settings without closing the dialog

    The View Settings dialog is accessed by clicking the Viewport Settings display is at lower right corner of A:M

  • Viewport Perspective/Orthogonal toggle v18k
    Now has default keyboard shortcut 9 on the Numpad, only active if You have not changed any keyboard shortcut at "Customize->Commands->Keyboard". To get the default shortcut back, you need to delete the file Master.MAC(Master_64.MAC for the 64bit version) in the A:M directory.


  • "Bone snap to grid" v18L
    snap Bone to nearest grid position
    no keyboard modifier -> bone pivot is snapped
    keyboard modifier Shift -> bone pivot is snapped, bone end is moved to maintain bone length
  • "Clone CP Weights" v18n
    Pluginclone the weights from one model to another model , the target must be identical to the source model (bones,CPs) except the CP weights and CP bone assignments

    Forum post: Clone CP weights tutorial
  • Invert  "Hide CPs" and "Lock CPs"  v18a
    Invert the functionality of the the "Hide CPs" and "Lock CPs" tool buttons. Holding the Ctrl (for Mac the Command) key down, inverting the affected CPs.
  • "Prevent assigning CPs" bone property v18a
    When enabled, now hides bone from list of bones in the "Edit CP Weights" dialog.
  • Respect Z-Order v18m
    (See above, in Interface)
  • "Snap Group To Surface" v18a
    Conforms a spline mesh to the shape of another surface.
    Can work in a pose/action/chor view without changing the original model.
    Can work with imported Props as goal surfaces.

    For grouped CPs that are members of a patch, the reversed normal direction from the patch is used as the direction for finding the goal surface. For all other CPs, the pivot for the group is used as a direction special case if only one CP is selected and the CP is not a member of a patch the view direction is used.

    Options dialog avaiable when you hold down the Shift key:

    • offset
      distance from target surface

    • maximum intersection distance

    • Use CP normals" v18b
      the CP normals are used for computation instead of the patch normals
    • "Try reverse direction, if no hit" v18b
      if this checkbox is checked and no intersection is found, a second try with negated normaldirection is done for intersection checking additonal change if no patch is in the group (single spline as example) the normal direction is calculated from the CP position and the group center point (direction looking to the group center)
  •  Snap to nearest CP v18a
    If you select a single CP or a group of CPs, than this new option in the RMB popup menu is available. It is snapping the selected CP to the nearest other CP position from the model. If you have a group named "target group" in the model, this group is used as target positions, otherwise a dialog appears, where you must select the target group. Only the CPs from this group are used as possible target CP positions. This option is also available in a pose/action/chor, when the muscle mode is selected. The default shortcut is Shift+Ctrl+9.
  • Bone snap to CP v18L

    menu entry bones menu "Bone snap to CP" snap Bone to nearest CP

    • no keyboard modifier -> bone pivot is snapped
    • keyboard modifier Shift -> bone pivot is snapped, bone end is moved to maintain bone length
    • keyboard modifier Ctrl -> bone end is snapped, bone pivot is moved to maintain bone length
    • snap Bone to nearest CP

    • no keyboard modifier -> bone pivot is snapped
    • keyboard modifier Shift -> bone pivot is snapped, bone end is moved to maintain bone length
    • keyboard modifier Ctrl -> bone end is snapped, bone pivot is moved to maintain bone length
  • "Snap to CP" Buttonimage.pngv18m
    snap a bone to the nearest CP You must manually add this button from "Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator" (Cube with red point and arrow) to add a keyboard shortcut search for "Snap Bone To CP" only active in modelingviews , when the view is in bonesmode Snap the selected bone manipulator (Chain,End,Shaft) to the nearest CP, hidden CPs are excluded from the calculation except of moving the shaft, the bonelength isn't preserve
  • Subdivide a spline with the Shortcut "Y" v18a
    Now possible when you are in a chor or action.

    Resulting in important change for Springsystems: adding a mass now has the keyboard shortcut "Shift + Y"
  • Renumber CPs v18o
    Menu entry for Models.
    Primarily of interest to developers, for whom uniformly numbered CPs will simplify diagnosing problems.
  • Import Images on Grids Wizard v18L

  • Plugin "Textured Grid" v18k
    Creates new model that exactly fits image.
    Available only from the objects folder itself
    • "Select Image", opens a image selection dialog for selecting the decalimage to use

    • "Pixel per Unit", let You define the gridsize for the create model can be a float value (as example 6.4)

    • "Subdivision x" , how many subdivision in the width axis should be createt

    • "Subdivision y" , how many subdivision in the height axis should be createt

    • "Offset (Pixel)", how much pixel the decal should moved on the gridplane in x and/or y axis , if there any other value as 0 in this editfields a wraparound for the decal is done

    • "Copies", how many models should be createt , minimum value is 1 makes only sense if a offset is used , the offset is shifted for each model

    • "Use offset for the first model",if the checkbox is checked the offset values are used also for the first created model

    • "Orientation" , in which view the grid should be created

    • "Modelname" , the name for the created model , if "Copies" > 1 then a numericalvalue is add to the name

  • Plugin "Gridimages" v18L
    Available from a choreography
    • "Add Images"opens a image selection dialog for selecting the decalimage, multiple selection is possible if the checkbox "Import as an animation or a sequence of images" (win) or "Import as sequence" (mac) is checked and the selected image is a imagesequence a animated decal is created can be used multiple times, new selected images are added at the end of the imagelist

    • "Clear List"

      remove all items from the imagelist

    • Listbox Imagelist

      You can nowdrag and drop the entries to make a specific order with RMB You get a menu

      • Menu item "Add Images"

        the same as the Button "Add Images"

      • Menuitem "Remove selected"

        removes the selected item from the list

    • "Pixel per unit"

      let You define the gridsize for the create model/layer, can be a float value (as example 6.4)

      resulting gridsize is shown in the listbox

    • "Subdivision"

      how many subdivision in the width/height axis should be createt, has only influence if "Create as" "Model" is selected

    • "Create as"
      • "Model" , creating models for the images
      • "Layer" , creating layers for the images[/b][/b]
    • "Create as CookieCut Decal"

      create the decal as a CokkieCut deacltype instead of the default Color typ decal has only influence if "Create as" "Model" is selected[/b][/b]

    • "Add to chor"

      add the created models/layers to the choreographie, if more than one image is in the imagelist a general offset between the importet models is computet, so they don't overlap[/b][/b]

      • "First position"

        the position for the first created model[/b]

      • "Offset"

        a additonal position offset

    • "Orientation"

      in which view the grid should be created has only influence if "Create as" "Model" is selected

    • "Modelname"

      the basename for the created models/layers


  • Terrain wizard changes v18a

    • number of rows and columns now similar to grid wizard
    • orientation similar to grid wizard
    • save and restore changed values now working


  • Keyframe interpolation default options v18d
    Option to select between Spline/Hold/Linear/Zero as default

    !!! Important change !!!
    Affects only new created drivers. For these drivers, keyframes are created with the selected default keyframe interpolation. You can set this at "Tools"->"Options"->"Action"->"Keyframe Interpolation". If "Default" is selected in most cases the interpolation method is "Spline" (sometimes "Zero"), the behavior of creating keyframes is in this case the same as in previous A:M versions.
    ! If any other is selected, it overrides the default values for the driver !
  • Onion Skin Control Toolbar for Onion Skin  v18a
    Allows quick changing of Onion Skin parameters without needing to navigate to the Tools>Options dialog box.


    Explanation of Using the Onion Skin Toolbar


  • Render settings dialog now sizable v18a
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion  v18a
    SSAO can simulate the Ambient Occlusion effect, usually with less rendering time.
    This is a post effect, which is implemented as a GPU Shader, but has also a CPU fallback implementation, for the case that the gpu doesn't support this or OpenGL3 is not used. The effects also needs the depth buffer, if it is not enabled, the effect enables it.

    On OSX this effect can be computed only on the CPU, due to glTexBuffer and samplerBuffer (gsls) isn't available in the compatibility profile, the core profile can't be used (nor supported via AGL) there.
    SSAO is set in the Render to File Settings>Options tab
    additional settings
    • "SSAO Effect only"
      Only the computed SSAO is shown as a greyscale picture (not applied to the original render, overwrites it in stead)
    • "Samples"
      How many samples are used to compute the ssao around each pixel, available values,when gpu is used are 2-1024, if the CPU is used it is limited to 2-128 (higher values are clamped to 128) it's also a good idea to enable OpenMP, when the fallback to the CPU implementation is used.
    • "Radius"
      The radius around each pixel, from which the SSAO is computed
    • "Distance"
      Distance (front to back, along the camera view axis) which occlusion reaches
    • "Gamma"
      Gamma correction for occlusion only
    • "Density"
      Density for sampling
    • "Softness"
      Softness of the edge of occlusion
    • "Luminance influence"
      How much luminance affects occlusion (gpu only, and only when applied to finalrender)
    • "Blur the effect"
      Enables blurring for the effect itself (not the applied effect)
    • "Radius"
      The radius for which the blur is calculated (gpu gaussian blur used)
    • "Apply to finalrender"
      See GPU Postprocess effects when "GPU Postprocess effects" is set to ON and "Applying each pass" is ON and the gpu implementation is used the effect is applied each pass.
  • GPU Post process effects  v18a
    (only OpenGL3, driver version 3.2 or higher is needed)
    Accessed in Render settings

    This implements some post effects as GPU calculated effects, they are faster than the normal posteffects applied to the camera. An additional logfile (GPUShader.log in the A:M installation directory) is created, when such aa effect is used (for bug hunting) if an error occurs, the master.log is also needed for bug hunting the order for computing the post effects is SSAO, Blur, Different Post effects.

    Settings for each GPU post process effect

    • "Applying each pass"
      When You render with multipass ON, the effect is applied at each pass.
    • "Apply to final result"
      If this setting is OFF, the result from the posteffect is saved as a seperate image file (also for every pass in multipass), and not added to the final result image. The imagefile is saved in the directory where the final image is stored and appended with the posteffect name and pass number.
    • "Samples"
      How often the post effect is applied.
    • Blur
      Additional setting, "Radius" which controls the radius for which the blur posteffect is calculated
    • Different Post effects
      additional setting "Post effect Type"
      Available types are
      • "Greyscale"
      • "Sepia tone"
      • "Negative"
      • "Sharpen"
      • "Dilate"
      • "Erode"
      • "Laplacian"
      • "Prewitt"
      • "Sobel"


  • GPU Post effects in NetRender v18a
    Netrender can now use GPU Post effects too, if the machine where the slaves are running supports this
  • NetRender note v18j
    Problem: The GPU memory total amount RenderSlave uses is too big.
    Solution: It is configurable for each render job. Default value for GPU and OpenMP using is OFF, it can be changed on the first page from the job wizard (renderserver) The configuration is render job dependent and has precendence over the gpu settings on the render options page
  • SubSurface Scattering speedup v18k
    When OpenMP is enabled
  • Save with unpremultiplied alpha v18j
    For compatibility with video or image editing programs that may expect "premultiplied" or "unpremultiplied" alpha channels
    Setting on output properties page, default value is OFF.
  • Post Effects Shadow and Alpha v18a
    added to the list of possible input buffers in Composite Projects
  • Prop note v18p
    For decaltype "Color" the alpha channel is not used in final render, if You need this, change the decaltype in the chor to "CookieCut" (the obj file format doesn't know such a type)in contrast the realtime render use the alpha channel, even the decaltype is "Color", but I will not change this behavior due heavy side effects.
  • Render resolution presets v18e
    • "UHD" Ultra high definition television 3840 × 2160
    • "DCI 2K cropped" (CinemaScope cropped) 2048 × 858
    • "DCI 2K native" (native resolution) 2048 × 1080
    • "DCI 4K cropped" (CinemaScope cropped) 4096 × 1716
    • "DCI 4K native" (native resolution) 4096 × 2160


  • plugin Image format TIF v18m
    supports save and load.
    Multiframe Tiff not supported (load only the first frame, save not supported)
  • plugin Image format TIF, v18n
    Added compression dialog.
    Available compression types: None, Packbits, LZW, Zip. Default is LZW.
  • Plugin Image format PSD (Adobe Photoshop) v18m

    • supports save and load (save only uncompressed)
    • Layer and Masks are not supported (load and save)
    • Greyscale with Alpha not supported (load and save)
  • OBJ sequence exporter v18m
     obj export plugin ask only at the first frame , if the filenames for decals should be unique, when a range of frames should be exported.
  • New OSX v18n
    psd and tif imageformat plugins added
  • Hash Poly Model is renamed v18b
    Was *.ply", now to " *.plh" , because it is NOT the original PLY format developed by Greg Turk (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Prop options v18a
    When you hold the Shift key down, while selecting "Import" -> "Prop" a dialog pops up where you can change the behavior for the imported Prop "Scale the prop at import" Down/Upscaling the prop with the given value(obj files only) "Discard textures" textures for this prop will not loaded and assigned "Don't display information" the information dialog for new imported props is suppressed These settings are saved in the project too, so if you reload the project the same settings given here are reused. The import process can be cancelled with the escape key.

  • Export plugins "Generated Model mapsize" can now be up to 8192x8192 v18m

  • Polygon exporter option changes: v18a

    • STL (Sterolithography) is now an export option.
    • Subdivisions
      now offers 1, 4, 16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096, Adaptive subdivisions.
      Higher subdivisions can more accurately render low density spline mesh curves to polygons.
      High subdivision exports may be lengthy in time and create very large files.
    • Generate Model Maps
      If "Generate Model Maps" is active, only the model map texture is exported, this texture is like a baked surface and includes other applied textures too. The texture is now written as a 32bit bmp (with alpha channel). Min and Max Size can now be "512" too, it is the min/max size for each patch in the created texture, depends which size is needed (patch fully covered from a texture is using the max size, a patch with only surface changed the min size).
    • Remove degenerated faces at export
      It no longer breaks the UV mapping, It is useful if you want to create valid obj files and 3/5/Hook patches are in the model. It is simply not possible to create only quad polygons (which are valid) for example for patches with hooks, in this case the exported obj file now has Quads and Triangles (have not seen problems in this case with other polygon based apps).

      Previous, obselete note: "Remove degenerated faces at export" v18a
      Caution: if this is checked, the UV datas are no longer valid , should be checked only if You export for 3D printing (solving problems coming from hooks / 5pointers)
    • Texture handling
      Only the first texture for a face is used, because a face can have only one material and uv coordinates assigned, but it can be a multi texture (like the from BakeSurface created one)
    • Copy Textures Dialog
      This dialog are now only displayed, if the texture files are not in the 8.3 format.
    • "Export normals"
      If the checkbox isn't checked, normal information is not exported, this information is only a hint for other importers and not needed in general (most of the programs are rebuilding the normals at import), unchecking this option reduces the filesize.


  • Expressions: new keywords v18f
    • CurrentValue()
      Returns the current value for this propertie, before the expression is interpreted.
    • VectorF( x )
      Creates a vector by filling the three floating point values x, y, and z with the initial value.
    • Vector2( x, y )
      Creates a vector2 by combining the two floating point values x and y.
    • AtFrame(frame , n )
      Returns the value of n at the given frame.
    • GetFrame()
      Returns the relative frame within the action. When in a choreography, this is equal to the chor's frame.
    • Clamp( n, min, max )
      Clamp the value n into the range between min and max 

  • OpenEXR format upgrade v18i
    From OpenEXR v1x to OpenEXR 2.2 (addresses exr and hdr image io, read and write(only exr))
    Open EXR Compression methods now available NO,RLE,ZIPS,ZIP,PIZ,PXR24,B44,B44A,DWAA,DWAB)
    Definitions of OpenEXR compression types (Wikipedia) :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenEXR#Compression_methods
    Explanation of OpenEXR compression uses (third party): https://duduf.com/understanding-openexr-image-compression-methods/
  • OpenGL3 driver  v18a
    (had also the possibility to use features from newer OpenGL versions, if detected) This is now the default driver, the other OpenGl driver exists only for backward compatibility if the gpu/driver doesn't support OpenGL 3.0 (for gpu postprocessing OpenGL 3.2 is required as minimum) When you switch the drivers, a restart is highly recommended! This driver works faster in realtime mode (in special with high count patch models/models with transparency) and enables some additional features. It also contains some bugfixes for realtime displaying.
  • OpenGL Driver note v18e
    If the error message, "Your hardware configuration does not meet minimum specifications needed to run the application. The application must close." appears please set in the registry (OSX Masterprefs.ini) the value for "OpenGL3" "Max Vertices" to a lower value.
  • OpenGL Driver notes v18e
    reworked the opengl3 property page
    • all settings on this page having only influence for the realtime rendering
    • bilinear filtering for real time textures removed
    • the next 3 options have only influence for realtime textures
      • "Anisotropic filter" for textures added, can be switched with the same named checkbox on the opengl3 properties page, only avaible if the "GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic" extension is supported from the gpu driver
      • "Scale always to power of two", if this checkbox is checked all textures are scaled to the next power of two value for width and height (256,512,1024 and so one)
      • "Compress if x or y > xxx", if this checkbox is checked the textured are stored as compressed texture in the gpu accesible memory, the value means the size for the texture width or height , and is the computed from the "GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE" value, for Your GPU this value can be shown if You save the list of extensions "Show All" on the property page than "Save")
    • "Antialiased Lines" only a hint for OpenGL , that lines should drawn anti-aliased
    • "Inverse sort order" transparent Patches are drawn in reverse order (Z- to Z+)
    • "Polymode" in shaded views, the polygon structure is displayed, which will be used when You export the model/chor in a polygon export format like stl/obj etc.
    • Special note for OSX users if You get uglish(?) decals/rotoscopes please try first to set "Scale always to power of two" to On , even the OpenGL extension "GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two" is reported , it looks like there is problem with the driver (seen the problem on systems with a nvidia gpu, ati or intel seems to be ok)


    • Plugin Amplitude v18a
      Added possibility to use a frequency band as controller,

      Amplitude Plugin Documentation

      Amplitude Plugin sub-forum has user examples and PRJs
      • Bake surface option changes v18d
        • default values now the following
          Resolution 10
          Margins 1
          Maximum textures size Automatic
          Overwrite Files True
          Delete old decals False
          Delete materials False
          If Bakesurface is started without the dialog (Shift + LMB) last settings are used
        • the created decal images having now a new naming scheme "bs_"modelname"_"texturetype"."extension (jpg as default) with this change it's possible to bake more than one model in one projectfile
        • new combo box "Maximum textures size", where You can select wich size the created decalimages should have Automatic - based on Resolution , the best matched size (as in previous A:M versions) 128 - maximum texturesize 128x128 pixel and so one up to 4096x4096 only the 64bit version has the possibility to select 8192 as maximum texture size the algorithm tries now to match this value in one dimension
        • new option
          "Delete materials" If this is checked , all materialnodes (! INCLUDING particle materials !) are removed from the model and groups and the surface atrributes are set to the default values
      • Volumetrics v18a
        Draw shaded in real time view option added for
        Default Off. If it is set to On the a shaded cone is drawn if real time views are set to shaded.
      • stamp editor v18d
        Allow undo functionality in the basic undo/redo functionality added, selections are not undoable, only corner CP moving is undoable.
        Special functionality for command key's + LMB in the stamp view (only as reminder)
        • Ctrl key (Mac Command key) + LMB split uv stack and add the nearest corner to selection
        • Shift key + LMB add uvs to selection
        • Alt key + LMB add vertex to selection


          • New for OSX installer v18i

            A SSE4 version is now distributed too , the installer for this version detects if the CPU has the capabilities for this version, otherwise it doesn't install. This results in needing a secondary installation packet . To avoid to download the false packet, You can look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Macintosh_models_grouped_by_CPU_type if Your mac supports sse4.2 or open a terminal and type "sysctl machdep.cpu.features" (look in the output for SSE4.2) or look in your Master.log (Available instruction sets)



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            • Hash Fellow

            v17 New features and enhancements

            This page is not fully edited yet.


            Coding optimizations make rendering about 15% faster than in v16.


            • Animate Mode OFF warning v17
              Red border appears around Viewport when Animate Mode is OFF.


              Animate Mode is sometimes turned OFF to make global adjustments to animation without making new keyframes. However, new animation can not be made with it OFF. D'oh!

              The new border warns the animator that "A" is OFF.

              It is possible to reverse the behavior of this border, so that the border is visible when the A button is ON by checking "Animate Mode warning reversed" in Tools--> Options --> Global.


            • new Default chor v17
              "Spot" light now white instead of brown.
              "Ground" has more patches for more visible perspective lines in shaded/wireframe camera view
              "Ground" set to allow shadowing by single thickness patches
              Further discussion of changes made with archived version of original default Chor.
            • Introduction dialog displayed v17b
              At startup (like Tip of the day), which is pointing to resources for beginners
            • Libraries -> Models - Some Primitives added v17c
            • Zoom Fit after Paste
              now configurable at Options->Units default ON v17f


            • "Prevent CP Assignment" property v17e
              for bones now property for bones is named "Prevent assigning cp's", if it is set to "ON"no cp's can't be assigned to this bone Frequently when rigging a model it is useful to use bones in relationhips within a model but undesirable for the model's CPs to be directly assigned (accidentally) to those particular bones. For example: A subset of bones for an FK arm control will never need the model's mesh directly assigned to it. Sometimes, some of the mesh can accidentally be assigned to the bones and reassigning the mesh and CP weighting back to the intended bones can be time consuming. I am suggesting here that an additional option in the properties window for the selected bone be added called "Prevent CP Assignment" (implemented like the "Lock IK" option). This would prevent the bone from having CPs assigned to it.


            • Ambient Occlusion change v17
              Occlusion Sampling can be set up to 200%
              (Render to File Settings) when the value is more than 100% a different algorithm is used
              for calculating AO (the result is a bit darker than the original one),
              this will solve the problem described in bugreport [bug]6176[/bug] Rendering is a reflection of artifacts
            • Radiosity change v17b
              "Calculate Radiosity" no longer needed
              when you are doing a final render with Radiosity ON
            • Sub Surface Scattering (SSS) changes
              • SSS can now be used in materials v17
              • SSS property "Extend group to avoid SSS-borders" added v17
                Selecting this option will cause to extend the group with their neighbor patches for SSS computation only Has only affect on groups, not if it is changed in the surface attributes for the figure self. The default value is OFF .
              • SSS is now computed only at the first pass v17
                for multipass rendering (exception stereo rendering or active motion blur)
              • for choreographies a new menu entry "Calculate needed memory for SSSv17
                This calculates and displays the memory, which will be needed for the SSS computation at rendertime and inform the user about this value or warn if too much memory will be needed for computation, it writes also additional information's about SSS to the logfile
                a case where SSS computation will need to much memory is as example, if You have very small values for "Half extinction distances" (Red 0.1,Green 4,Blue 5) in conjugation with a high sample area (compute from surface which is covered by SSS) will need around 12 GigaByte for the SSS computation the "Relative density of SSS samples" has also a influence here (the sample projectfile for the values above are from the report [bug]6174[/bug])


            • Baked sprite systems - breaking change v17b
              Baked sprite systems from v17b onward are not backward compatible, due a needed format change for baking more than one sprite emitter too. Older PRJs will need to be re-baked.
            • Sprite emitters have additional properties v17b
              - "Single Particle" , default is OFF
              if this option is set to ON , only one particle is created , when it dies, a new particle will be created

              the following 3 options having only an effect with image sequences
              - "Randomize the image sequence" , default is OFF
              if this option is set to ON , each particle is displaying a random frame from the image sequence (and this means each time the frames are randomized , for a repeatable result bake this particle system) setting this to ON disabling also the next two options
              - "Image sequence start at particle birth" , default is OFF
              the old behavior for sprite emitters if this option is set to ON , the image sequence starts first when the sprite is created
              - "Repeat the image sequence" , default is OFF if this option is set to ON , the image sequence is repeated over the particle life
            • Animatable parameters for SimCloth (not ClothWizard) v17c
              Fixed only for Simcloth. But be warned, changing simulation parameters (like stiffness) over the time , having a high potential to make the simulation unresolvable.

              For the Clothwizard (the old cloth scheme, superceded by SimCloth) We don't change the current behavior (simulation parameters are not and will be not animatable)


            • New expression keyword "AtTime(time, n)", v17e
              where time is the time for which You want to have the value for n , n is the Bone information
              Example: AtTime(GetTime()+SetFrame(2),..|..|..|..|Model1.Transform.Translate.Y) where GetTime()+SetFrame(2) , evaluates the Y position for Model1 at the current chor time + 2 frames SetFrames() is also a new keyword, setting the time value in frames based on the current fps, time value is always based on seconds
            • polygon export plugins now supporting 32 and 64 polygons/patch v17d
            • STL files can now imported as prop or model v17a

            • Amplitude Plugin v17e
              Create keyframes for a property in a chor or action, based on the amplitude from a wav file

              Amplitude Plugin Documentation

              Amplitude Plugin sub-forum has user examples and PRJs



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            • Hash Fellow

            v16 New features and enhancements

            This list is very incomplete


            • Speedup! Speedup! Speedup! v16
              Dramatic speedup from v15. Rendering about twice as fast as v15!
              Thank you, Steffen Gross!
            • 64-bit v16
              Windows A:M now available in 64 bit version
              Larger memory renders and textures possible
            • Filter From Selection v16
              It was previously possible to search through a project by specifying a text and/or type. v16 adds the ability to select any arbitrary set of items in the PWS and create a recallable tab to display those items alone. A huge advantage for animators navigating complex rigs with many bones and controls.

              Further explanation, videos and discussion: https://forums.hash.com/topic/37028-enhanced-selection-filters/


            • Netrender v16 a
              NetRender can now use extra cores in multi-core CPUs, on both host computer and networked computers
            • Render Presets v16 alpha 04
              Save and load complete render settings as .pre files
              Useful for going to NetRender or to document what was used for an image
            • Render Passes v16 alpha 06
              plugin restored to v16


            • obj plugin v16 beta 01
              export chormodels as single models/ export only a single frame from the chor
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            • robcat2075 changed the title to v19, v18, v17 New features and enhancements

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