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v19n render issues [solved: fixed in v19o]

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I've found something strange about v19n progressive and final renders.

When you model old railroad vehicles you use a lot of rivet heads. The most efficient way to model a rivet head is a four patch circular quadrant bent into the right shape using bias. Sometimes to get the right look for such a simple shape I add a material to the rivet group with just the Normal Weight parameters set to less than 100. v19n doesn't play well with this parameter.

The attached image show examples of rivet head renders. The first two image columns show the models rendered three ways in v19m with the default normal weight and normal weight = 1. These are the renders I've been getting at least since v19e.

The next two image columns are the same models rendered in v19n. Progressive renders are fine for both models. In real-time there are black smudges on each patch. These smudges are also faintly visible on the final render. And when you set normal weights to 1 the patches break up in real-time and final.

The last two image columns compare the original model with a version where the added material has normal weight = 100. I also turned normals on which show the black smudges located at the normal whiskers (if that's a clue).


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I've noticed three pointers and hooks have trouble in real time lately.

Is there any difference between multipass and non-multi pass?

Can you post a PRJ that has that same rivet head before a camera?

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Rodger, version 19o has been posted. Give that a try and tell me if the problem persists for you.

I'm looking at it in v19o and they look appropriate here.

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