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Bringing older models (version 9-ish) forward to version 18+

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I'm trying to freshen up my older models.  Most are importing pretty well.  I have one (ver 9.1), so far, that causes A:M to crash before it fully loads.  It's not a big or complex model.

Is there a way to step through the load to find out where it's hanging up?

Is there some sort of conversion tool somewhere?

I looked at the text of the .mdl file, which was not corrupted.  First glance, all looked normal.

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Hi Dave!

If you are familiar with the [tag] [/tag] structure you could try editing out unnecessary sections like calls to external files (or anything), saving under a new file name(!), and try to load that.

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Thank you, robcat2075.  I am familiar with tagged structures.  I was hoping not to have to go there, but will give it a go.  Thought there might be a utility somewhere.

Odd that most of the models are opening with little trouble.

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