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Head Banger Overlap Experimenter

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We were talking about overlapping motion in DavidDenzill's recent thread.

This PRJ lets you experiment with overlapping motion and quickly see the result.


  • open the PRJ
  • open Action2 and look at it from a side view.
  • I have keyframed the two extremes of a head-banging motion on Rabbit... up-down-up-down-up-down...
  • play it! It's motion but it's stiff!
  • Next, grab the keyframes for Head and Neck and slide them a couple frames later. (Hold down the SHIFT key and drag a bounding box around the keyframes you want to move.)
  • play it!
  • Suddenly, what was stiff is now flexible!
  • Try three frames... four... five... how floppy can you make it? Keep going until you go too far!
  • What happens if you go in the opposite direction?

There's lots of places for overlap in a motion like this, the head/neck is just the start. Notice how the ears, which are not animated at all, look stiff as a board on that flexible head!



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