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ssl trouble

Jason Simonds

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Go daddy says it will be upto 72 hours until the main page ssl is fixed. It was renewed but now it's not.. I tried  for a simple fix, but https: is in coded into a lot on the site so it's not an easy fix


Sorry all!sorry the hangover GIF

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I can't tell you how many times I yelled at them for screwing up my site and email. Those code kiddies need to stay off social media and do their jobs.

Went to renew my domain and they expired my pw and didn't tell me. Hopefully I can just reset it without getting on the phone with those brats. Sadly not many good choices for hosting out there.

I feel your pain!

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I meant to not renew with godaddy ssl this year since this is the 2nd time something like this has happened. But since we paid for it we are going to use it. But i'm making sure next year to move it off them..

Last time the renew endded on the same day as before, but at least the order was not broke so I could just install then new one right away.


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Anything like Let's Encrypt is not an option? If you are only after domain certification it really does the job pretty well and you have more or less full control over it especially if you use Plesk or any other server software that can handle re-issuing it automatically?

Best regards

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I used to use Network Solutions but they sold out and are now one of the worst. Trouble is GoDaddy wants to drive customers to use their web based tools and those are pretty limited unless your making really simple sites and stick to their templates. Anything beyond that they want to sell development services. 

I just use them for email and have it for unlimited data which seems to have a limit as it hangs after 500 messages or so.

Let me know who you find if you find a better host.

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