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Algorithmic purchased by Adobe

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I missed this news back in January...


Algorithmic, the company behind Substance Painter and other related tools has apparently been purchased by Adobe.



I'm occasionally thought it'd be nice to have Substance Painter but wasn't interested in the price of admission.

Gaining these tools via the Adobe CC subscription that I already have though...  hmmmm.


Adobe has been trying to move further into the 3D realm and it looks like they are doing just that with this purchase.


Related to A:M, the ability to paint even OBJ files with Substance materials is intriguing.


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Too bad Adobe can't be broken up for monopolizing amongst other nasty things they do. State of CA already sued them and won on some other issues. I really dislike the company for the poor security they had on my info that caused me to get endless spam mail and phone calls for over 2 years along with needing to change my business debit card. 

Other thing that bothers me is how they do data mining and the big security hole they have with typekit.net. This is where sites that use Typekit fonts retrieve the fonts used but the scary part is where Adobe can send and receive data from the viewers machine where it may be enabled in their code.

People squawk about Google and Fakebook but understandably that is their business model. After all Google is in the data business but they don't plant mal ware on the users system and neither does Fakebook.

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