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Jason Simonds

Trying to get back on top

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Hey Everyone;

I know I have said this before but I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. I have one more test for my job in the next few weeks, then a 2 month break. It does not look like work will slow down any time soon but I'm going to they to put more time Into Hash, Inc. Since the break from testing will free up some time.

Here is what is on the list now.

  • As it stands now fixing anything not critical on the web site side will be delayed until Hash, Inc. starts the new server move.
  • What comes with the server move:
    • New Store with everything but serial numbers imported
    • AMStils and AMFilms will be moving to IP.Board I have not had time to test the move but it does work with AMStills I will be working on AMFilms too. But that will mean one log in for all 3 sites.
    • a Awesome new server(our current server is aged) There is no current problems now but they may come in time.
  • I'm going to work harder at keeping up on support email
  • And in my few free minutes a week maybe try to get some projects and contests going.

Thanks Again to everyone for their under standing. I will try to keep you up to date on the server move. And I will need some art for the new store and beta testers maybe before the end of this month after we get our new server.

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