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Shareware on Sale

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The Tinkering Gnome clued us in to this site that frequently presents 100% discounts on software. (Thanks John!)

On occasion some pretty useful software is shared.


I've hesitated in the past to post some of these offerings for a number of reasons but I've found several of the software packages useful for myself so they might be for others as well.

The way it (generally) works is that in exchange for your email address and occasionally a request to share the link to the site with others you get an activation code.

Sometimes the code is one specifically used with that promotion. Other times its the same as you would receive straight from the software developer.


Of course, there are also the other discounted software packages that aren't 100% off but I tend to stick to the freebies.



One that showed today might be of interest to those wanting to setup a server. The software is syncplify.me server and I've ran through the basic installation quickly and without any hiccups.

I set up the virtual server on an external hardrive.

This software states its regular price as $399 for a regular license so may be well worth the look if you are considering server use already.

As for me... I suppose I'm mostly investigating why I might need a server in the first place. I.... think I need one. ;)

The related offering is the same software with free updates and support for $119.


Here's the link: http://sharewareonsale.com/s/syncplify-me-server-giveaway-coupon-sale


The jury is still out for me on the Shareware for Sale site and their approach to software sales.

I must say that thus far it seems that they have an interesting business model and if all legit may find themselves with considerable success.


As I see other useful software mentioned from this site I'll post it in this topic and please feel free to do the same.

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