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I've been testing out various aspects of A:M that I don't use much and this is one.

It's interesting that Chuck Gram mentioned 'Arnold' in another topic and I was wondering if he was watching what I was rendering while he posted!


Here's a random STL file downloaded from Thingverse (I had visited there due to Paul Harris's post about 3D printing an animatronic eye setup).

The background image (and environment map) is also a random image from the internet. It's from an abandoned theme park (one of Disney's as I recall).

Initial chrome Material is from the A:M Library.

About the only things that are my own are the lighting and the red eyes which is a little lathed shape duplicated in the Chor and placed over the eye's of the STL terminator. I like that the red reflects on the chrome that way.


The facets from the STL are very obvious in the render. I'll have to look into ways to reduce this.


One of the things I was re-testing was the use of Composites instead of directly using images (for environment maps and rotoscopes). In this way additional effects can be added such as Blur, etc. as seen in the background. To grab the composite image just select it from the dropdown menu where you normally grab the regular image.


I'm guessing I should have added a bit of post processing ala filmgrain to blend the background a bit more and give it all a film look.


I'm thinking of making this a series of posts with 'found objects' from the internet but modified and rendered in A:M.

Feel free to join in and post a few of your findings as well.

STL rendering relight ssao y  000.png


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More warrior-type found object.

Predator by takeby over at Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1094038


Brush in the background courtesy of the vine generator posted by Ruscular.


This is not unlike putting together and painting one of those plastic model-kits.

The skulls on his belt definitely need to be white...


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Great stuff Rodney Keep em coming, the last one is wicked :)

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