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Live Answer Time, Saturdays Noon CDT

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On Saturdays from Noon to 1PM Central time I will be available on Google Hangout and attempt to answer/solve/demonstrate any A:M question you may have.

1PM-2PM Eastern time
12 Noon to 1PM Central time
11AM-12 Noon Mountain time
10AM-11AM Pacific time

5PM Saturday Greenwich Mean Time (while US is on Daylight Saving Time)

You will need your Google account and a microphone. You don't need a camera, I don't have one either but we can show each other what we are doing with screen sharing.

To access the Google Hangout, click on this link.


  • You will need to be signed into your Google account.
  • Your browser may ask for permission to use your mic.

If possible, please add an avatar image to your Google account so you may appear as something other than a generic icon.

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Kat had to borrow a few things from Keekat (hands, feet and tail) in order to celebrate yet another (upcoming) Live Answer Time.

I was trying to channel Nancy for her dress.


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Live Answer Time returns at egg-zactly 12 Noon, CDT, May 30, 2020


Peter Carl Fabergé, layer of the famous Fabergé Eggs was born on this day in 1846.



I'm reminded of a joke David Letterman told back in the 90s

"Billionaire Malcom Forbes paid $2 million yesterday for a Fabergé egg. That's a high price but I think he really got taken when he paid another $1 million for some Fabergé bacon."

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