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When this community project was started I volunteered to do the production work.


That was a while ago. Too long ago, and for that I apologize. When I originally got the submissions (from five of you) I was struck with, in my opinion, a problem. While the submissions were great in their own right, they didn't come together to tell a story. I had the sense that, if put out there in the wilds for all to see, if tagged with Rear Window, by Alfred Hitchcock, there would be some flak received over the fact that, other than the set, it really didn't have a plot coming close to the movie. So I set about devising some animation of my own that I could stitch into the submissions to give it the feel of Hitchcocks' film. I think it would work, and be able to show case the work that these five submitters put into the project.


My issue came about, when between job changes, life in general, and my weakness in animating, I started to put off getting this project done. This has left me with a serious amount of guilt, to the point that I told myself that I won't work on any of my other projects until this one gets put in the can.


So that brings to this post. I've attached the five submissions together for you to view (without sound for the moment). I'd like for you, in particular the folks who submitted their work to Rear Window, to come together and decide, is this enough? Is it enough for you to just put this together, with sound, and call it a day, or would you rather see it with a story line to give it the Hitchcock feel.


If your vote is continuing to work on it to get the feel I envision, then I'd need some volunteer to help out with the bits I envisioned to tie it together. It really comes down to 5 quick shots, with stock characters. I have a simple script, simple story boards etc. for the animations I would need.


While I'm looking for feedback, I am not looking for debates. Just give me a sense (particularly those who put the work into the submissions) of what you want to see.



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Don't feel bad about life getting in the way of your good intentions Paul. It happens to us all and posting this explanation dose you credit.
Like you we all try and fit animating in around the rest of our lives and it can often be next to impossible.

I might be able to find some time to help with the links.
Though I too don't have vast amounts of time to devote to this, I would like to see this project done.

If those of us that submitted clips could all do one link each it shouldn't take too long (ah, those famous last words!)
But that decision would be easier to make if we can see what you have in mind.
If you would rather not post your ideas for linking the clips here on the forum could you zip them up and PM them to those of us that submitted things.

They're such a varied bunch of clips, I'm amazed you can see a way of tying them all together at all!

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