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Windows 32Bit

Windows 64Bit

Intel Mac




Change Log:

  • Changed All
    Plugin "Merge and purge decals" added check for Percentage,Repeat,Seamless and Exporttype properties for equality, only if this values are also equal the decals are merged
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6505[/bug] Layers drawn in front
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6513[/bug] Rotoscope hides model in shaded view
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6510[/bug] Memory leak after finalrender with zbuffered shadows and Penumbra On
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6500[/bug] Request these standard resolutions in the industry for the resolution drop down menu added to the resolution drop down menu in this order
    • "UHD" Ultra high definition television 3840 × 2160
    • "DCI 2K cropped" (CinemaScope cropped) 2048 × 858
    • "DCI 2K native" (native resolution) 2048 × 1080
    • "DCI 4K cropped" (CinemaScope cropped) 4096 × 1716
    • "DCI 4K native" (native resolution) 4096 × 2160

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6503[/bug] Patches Not Displaying Correctly

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6495[/bug] Displacement from materials results in heavy, black render artefacts

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6509[/bug] Render with SSAO causes crash

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6507[/bug] Pressing Bones Mode Button locks computer

    [*]Fixed All

    OpenGL3 driver

    - fixed application crash for nvidia gpu's

    Error code:6

    "Your hardware configuration does not meet minimum specifications needed to run the application. The application must close." if this error occured again , please set in the registry (OSX Masterprefs.ini) the value for "OpenGL3" "Max Vertices" to a lower value

    • redudant state changes reduced
    • reworked the opengl3 property page
    • all settings on this page having only influence for the realtime rendering
    • bilinear filtering for real time textures removed
    • the next 3 options are having only influence for realtime textures
    • "Anisotropic filter" for textures added, can be switched with the same named checkbox on the opengl3 properties page, only avaible if the "GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic" extension is supported from the gpu driver
    • "Scale always to power of two", if this checkbox is checked all textures are scaled to the next power of two value for width and height (256,512,1024 and so one)
    • "Compress if x or y > xxx", if this checkbox is checked the textured are stored as compressed texture in the gpu accesible memory, the value means the size for the texture width or height , and is the computed from the "GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE" value , for Your gpu this value can be shown if You save the list of extensions "Show All" on the property page than "Save")
    • "Antialiased Lines" only a hint for OpenGL , that lines should drwaed antialiased
    • "Inverse sortorder" transparent Patches are drawn in reverse order (Z- to Z+)
    • "Polymode" in shaded views , the polygon structure is displayed , which will be used, when You export the model/chor in a polygon export format like stl/obj and so one .
    • special note for OSX users if You get uglish decals/rotoscopes please try first to set "Scale always to power of two" to On , even the OpenGL extension "GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two" is reported , it looks like there is problem with the driver (seen the problem on systems with a nvidia gpu, ati or intel seems to be ok)

    [*]Fixed OSX

    [bug]6471[/bug] Decals Not Displaying Corectly In v18a On Macs

    [bug]6481[/bug] AM does not render images correctly set "Scale always to power of two" to On in the opengl3 properties

    [*]Fixed All

    appcrash , when selecting controlpoints from a decal, where the cp's are removed

    but the stamp still exists

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6515[/bug] Can't reorder sequence of a model's constraints in a relationship

    [bug]6425[/bug] No longer possible to resequence a relationship's constraints in the PWS

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6516[/bug] Can't reorder sequence of an Actions constraints in a relationship

    [bug]6438[/bug] No longer possible to resequence constraints in an Action or Choreography window.

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6517[/bug] Crash when trying to resequence the order of contraints in an Action in the PWS without having its action window open.

    [*]Changed Windows32 and OSX

    if A:M is running out of memory during final render, a more informative messagebox is displayed and the used memory is freed now. A typical scenario for such a exception is rendering with some lights with Z-buffered shadows,high Map Resolution,Penumbra on and Multipass off. 32 bit programs (OSX is a 32 bit process too), can use only at max 3GB memory equal how much memory is installed

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6188[/bug] Hair Density Maps do not work correctly on 5-point patches

    [*]Changed All

    Expression RGB(rgb) clamp the values between 0 and 255 self (as example 500 is the input value, than 255 used as value) use absolute values (-100 will then be 100)

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6520[/bug] Decals on background objects appear over foreground objects in real-time

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6480[/bug] AM Crashes when trying to remove a hook

    [*]Fixed All

    [bug]6512[/bug] Multipass not dividing motion blur increments properly

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