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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master


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Windows 32Bit

Windows 64Bit

Intel Mac



Change Log:

  • fixed all
    [bug]6468[/bug] Control Point weight statistics do not appear in the "Show Manipulator Properties" window when enabled in an action window.
  • fixed all
    [bug]6492[/bug] Enforcement curve for constraint not given correct interpolation. Interpolation Control not working.
  • fixed all
    [bug]6472[/bug] Deleting Path causes crash
  • fixed all
    [bug]6473[/bug] Font Wizard creates wrong bias on bevels
  • fixed all
    texture plugins, changing values are now reflected immediatly in the material preview
  • changed all
    [bug]6445[/bug] Moving cp's in front view don't keep z axis position
    A single cp must be selected before creating a new cp to activate this feature.
    • Front Back view z coordinate from the selected cp is used
    • Top Bottom view y coordinate from the selected cp is used
    • Left Right view x coordinate from the selected cp is used

    [*]fixed all

    fixing a refresh issue in material views for plugin materials, when values are changed


    [*]changed all

    reworked export/import plugins

    important change

    "Poly Model *.ply" is renamed now to "Hash Poly Model *.plh" , because it is NOT the original PLY format developed by Greg Turk (Georgia Institute of Technology)


    [*]changed all

    "Snap group to surface"

    If You start this command while holding the Shift key down , a settings dialog appear. The dialog has two new options


    "Use CP normals"

    if this checkbox is checked , the cp normals are used for computation instead of the patch normals


    "Try reverse direction, if no hit"

    if this checkbox is checked and no intersection is found, a second try with negated normaldirection is done for intersection checking additonal change if no patch is in the group (single spline as example) the normal direction is calculated from the cp position and the group center point (direction looking to the group center)


    [*]fixed all

    [bug]6489[/bug] NetRender doesn't render animation the same as A:M


    [*]fixed all

    [bug]6475[/bug] Aborting render causes crash


    [*]fixed all

    [bug]6476[/bug] Netrender nodes crash after loading frame

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