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Nothing in TAO about the "Animate Mode" button

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Heya all,


In the next iteration of TAO A:M, should there be something concerning the "Animate Mode" button? Thing is, it looks an awful lot like a button one would use for onscreen text.


And no, I'm not posting this because I just did it, couldn't get anything to animate on the screen and didn't understand why




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In v17 there's a red warning border that comes up if you have "Animate" off. (I recommended a siren)


On e use for having it off is if you wanted to adjust the position of a light based on some midpoint of your scene but dont' want to create a key frame there. With animate OFF, any change you make to the light will change all keyframes it has, in this case the sole keyframe it has at 0:00.


the part I bolded is the dangerous part, if you do't know you have it OFF.

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