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  1. It completes the external walls below. If I reattach that spline, is there a way to make it not form that inner patch?
  2. Thanks, Rob. Didn't work though. Is there a way then reattaching a spline to make sure it only patches in a certain direction? (horizontal, but not vertical a la below) Thanks, RIch
  3. Hey All, got a model with a couple of 4-point internal patches that are causing Cura to show it as non-manifold. How can I remove those patches? Thanks, Rich
  4. I appreciate it. Nothing there. Guess I'll wait for a reply. Thanks, Rich
  5. I bought it through the Hash store a looonng time ago. Mine's never re-upped automatically, though. I usually have to reach out to Orders to get mine re-upped.
  6. Hey all, anybody got any info on Hash Support or Orders? Trying to re-up my sub, but not getting any response and just wanna make sure everything's alright. Rich
  7. One thing I DID notice was, I turned the streak emitter off on my waterfall, and the grass stopped acting crazy. what's the connection?
  8. Hey all, have a landscape with quite a bit of grass, and grass is doing something I don't understand; from frame to frame, it will just extend and go crazy, taking up half the landscape. This is what it looks like before and this is after most of the time, I simply remove and readd the patch, but it seems to be doing this more and more, and I can't figure out why. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rich
  9. Actually, maybe I shouldn't be reading this....can't afford a new mainboard/combo right now Rich
  10. Yeah, I was wondering how the renders would do with this CPU.. Rich
  11. Hey Martin, was it you at the Chicago WizardCon back in---oh, 2003 or 2004? At the Hash A:M booth demo-ing the software? Rich
  12. I con only imagine the single PC that would be able to support 64 rendernodes... Rich
  13. Hey all, Still working on the landscape and looking for a good "how to do a tree" tutorial. I've got one, but having a hard time making it look full. Thanks for any pointers, Rich
  14. Didn't I read in a thread last year that Apple had stopped Windows support of QT on Windows and that wasn't going to be an option going forward? That's what originally got me interested in Media Encoder. I had originally been using 32-bit A:M for just that reason Rich
  15. from a set or TGAs. Was using Adobe's Media Encoder, but the trial ran out. Looks like to only way to get it is to purch one of the Video apps from Creative Cloud at $20/month. Anybody got a better alternative? Thanks, Rich
  16. Hey all, quick question: What's the single PC upgrade that has the most effect on how fast A:M runs with a complicated chor on the screen/s? Got a 8-core with 16g ram, but only a 750GTX as a vid card. Would a newer video card make make it smoother rotating the landscape, etc? Thanks, Rich
  17. Hey all, has anyone seen the following errors when starting renderMess? followed by this one after hitting OK RenderServer is on Win10--both PCs I'm gettting this error constantly are Win7--the Win8 PC I also get it on but a restart will ofttimes fix it. It's been some time sine I ran Server/Mess, but I could've sworn that I was still running 10, but I'm not certain. Thanks, Rich
  18. Robert, Thanks for that; I appreciate it. Now I get it, although at first glance it seems counter-intuitive. Great vid! Thanks, Rich
  19. Hey all, Been away for a few months and seem to have completely forgotten how to create a gradient. I read the Tech Ref, but I'm not clear: When the techref mentions "measuring from the pivot", does that mean the center? Also, is it the center of the example sphere or the patch where the mat will be placed? For example, if I have a line of patches approx 50cm tall that I want to split between two textures, would the gradient read: Start X 0cm Y -25cm z 0cm End x 0cm y 25cm z 0cm This is kinda puzzling me. I've successfully created these in the past, but I winged it, and I'm trying to gain greater control over them. Thanks for any advice, Rich
  20. Hey all, is there any resource out there concerning texture creation including how the "pattern" on the graphic is translated to the model (for instance, if I'm creating a human skin texture and I put a single age spot in the dead center, how will that be displayed on the model?) Is a texture just a glorified decal that's repeated over and over? Thanks, Rich
  21. Hey, all. Been working on a face for a while. For some reason, all of a sudden, in shaded mode (with or without wireframe), the model looks as though it's gone into peak mode, bias handles don't work, and I can't figure out what I did to it. Wireframe mode, however, is smooth. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks. Rich
  22. Right now, I'm having issues where wrists are becoming pencil-thin when twisted. I ran across a tut some time ago concerning "thinning" and how to minimize it through different methods, but I'm at a loss to remember where right now. Rich
  23. Nice--didn't know that was a feature. I'll have to look that up. Is it in 16?
  24. OK, I think I'm close to what I'm looking for, although I couldn't get the hair to blow using chor force, even after turning it on in the mat. Opinions would be appreciated. Thankee sais, Rich flyby0.mov
  25. The above is frame 0; I'm really liking the look so far, but I'd like the weeds to sway a bit, as if in the wind (also going to want to ripple the water eventually, but one personal crisis at a time...). The issue is, if particle render is turned on in chor at all, it slows the machine to a crawl, which baffles me as cpu/mem never hits so much as 40%, but most of the time, I'm looking at the blue windows "Leave me alone, I'm workin' here!" circle.
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