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v17.0 Release

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This release has been superseded by: v17.0a

For Additional Release Information: Latest Information




Windows 32Bit

Windows 64Bit

Intel Mac


Change Log:

  • Fixed All
    [bug]6183[/bug] Selecting Group after specific series of otherwise innocent steps causes crash
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6184[/bug] Crash when trying to leave the Action Tab in Options.
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6164[/bug] ForceKeyframe causes crash
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6153[/bug] get error4750 when using explode rebuild wizard
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6191[/bug] Proposed new Default chor
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6176[/bug] Rendering is a reflection of artifacts
    It is possible now to set the value for "Occlusion Sampling" (Render to File Settings)
    up to 200% , when the value is more than 100% a different algorithm is used
    for calculating AO (the result is a bit darker than the original one),
    this will solve the problem described in this bugreport
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6189[/bug] SSS-Rendering will result in in black Surface in the final rendering, when using a material on the same group
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6192[/bug] Dark surroundings of SSS-groups at the border of the groups...
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6196[/bug] new SSS not rendered well in multi-pass
  • Changed All
    new splashscreen added
  • Changed All
    importing obj files as a Prop now always done with scale 1 , equal , which
    scaling value is set in the import/export dialog for obj files
  • Changed All
    window placement for Prop are now saved and restored
  • Fixed All
    3ds export was broken
  • Changed All

  • SSS can now be used also in materials
  • SSS has a new property "Extend group to avoid SSS-borders"
    Selecting this option will cause to extend the group with their neighbor patches for SSS computation only Has only affect on groups, not if it is changed in the surface attributes for the figure self. The default value is OFF .
  • Introduced for fixing "Dark surroundings of SSS-groups at the border of the groups" report [bug]6192[/bug]
  • for multipass rendering SSS is now computed only at the first pass (exception stereorendering and active motionblur)
  • fixed a crash ,if a patch is in more than one groups with SSS is set to on
  • fixed a memoryleak for multipass rendering
  • SSS progress now displayed for finalrendering
  • for choreographys a new menuentry "Calculate needed memory for SSS" is added this calculates and display's only the memory, which will be needed for the SSS computation at rendertime and inform the user about this value or warn if too much memory will be needed for computation, it writes also additional information's about SSS to the logfile
    a case where SSS computation will need to much memory is as example, if You have very small values for "Half extinction distances" (Red 0.1,Green 4,Blue 5) in conjugation with a high sample area (compute from surface which is covered by SSS) will need around 12 GigaByte for the SSS computation the "Relative density of SSS samples" has also a influence here (the sample projectfile for the values above are from the report [bug]6174[/bug])

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