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Jason Simonds

v17.0 Beta 04

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http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/window...ta/AM_32BIT.exe (Windows 32bit)

http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/window...ta/AM_64BIT.exe (Windows 64bit)

http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/osx/v17_beta/AM.zip (Mac)


Change Log:

  • changed mac
    compiler switch to GCC4.7
  • fixed all
    [bug]6134[/bug] Renaming a Rotoscope will always set the name of the image behind the new name
  • fixed al
    [bug]6145[/bug] Crash at exit , when changing materialtype from Hair or Sprite to another particle system
  • fixed all
    [bug]6143[/bug] Deleting lights causes next on-screen Render to crash
  • fixed all
    [bug]6129[/bug] Pasting cut patches after Surface Bake causes hang Notice , the extended bakesurface dialog has now also a option to delete the old decals
  • fixed all
    [bug]6144[/bug] Rendered images have no name in Images folder
  • fixed all
    [bug]6138[/bug] Changing enforcement of Group Constraint causes Crash.
  • fixed all
    [bug]6139[/bug] NetRender drops constraint that is recognized by regular A:M renderer
  • fixed all
    [bug]6146[/bug] Duplicator Wizard cause crash
  • fixed all
    [bug]6147[/bug] Smooth wizard causes crash
  • fixed all
    [bug]5520[/bug] Material "Baking" doesn't include transparency or reflectivity
  • fixed all
    [bug]6149[/bug] Translate Manipulator not drawn correctly for Forces same for Scale manipulator
  • fixed all
    [bug]6142[/bug] Applying decal after several mesh Rotations and a viewport Turn causes crash
  • fixed all
    [bug]6137[/bug] Error message for Cloth error has no title
  • fixed all
    [bug]6151[/bug] Volumetric Light cone creates black area on ground Plane

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