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Jason Simonds

v17.0 Beta 03

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http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/window...ta/AM_32BIT.exe (Windows 32bit)

http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/window...ta/AM_64BIT.exe (Windows 64bit)

http://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/updates/osx/v17_beta/AM.zip (Mac)


Change All:

  • Changed Log
    Rotoscopes empty rotoscopes are not longer loaded/saved rotoscopes for figures having also now their own folder (like camera/lights in the chor), but only when You create a new rotoscope, existing rotoscopes are displayed as before outside a rotoscope folder in a chor this folder is only displayed , when "Show more than drivers" for the model is active
  • New All:
    [bug]6107[/bug] Snap-To-Surface: Offset-Value it's now possible to use a offset , when adding cp's and Snap To Surface is active the offset value can changed under Tools->Options->Modeling and is used when You hold down the Shift-Key while adding cp's the offset is added in the normal direction for the underlying object patch it work's in the same manner also for "Snap Group to Surface"
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6119[/bug] particle system keys corrupted after reload of PRJ
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6133[/bug] Refresh-Problem for fluid-particles in shaded mode
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6131[/bug] Newton creates keyframes at 25 fps, not the PRJ fps setting
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6132[/bug] CP weight editor displays incorrect values
  • Fixed All[/b]
    [bug]6122[/bug] Composite doesn't free memory after each frame resulting in a rapid buildup of memory and hanging the computer
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6124[/bug] NetRender "elapsed" column diplays strange numbers
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6115[/bug] Invisable Particle Sprites in "Render Lock Mode"
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6120[/bug] Closing PRJ during progressive render causes crash
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6121[/bug] Translate manipulator appears as solid box in Bones Mode
  • Fixed All[/b]
    [bug]6118[/bug] Refresh-Problem for some materials > Results in a Crash
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6113[/bug] Rotate manipulator not visible when editing Distortion Box CPs
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6112[/bug] Editing Distortion Box causes crash
  • Fixed All[/b]
    [bug]6114[/bug] Dragging CPs in model window causes crash
  • Fixed All
    [bug]6117[/bug] "selected" tab doesn't wok in Actions

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