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Lothario & Ida Do the Undercover Thang.

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Here's what would have been my entry for a music video contest sponsored by TalentHouse. Music track is "UnderCover" by The Cataracs. Missed the deadline by 1 day. Animation by Nancy Gormezano (software used: Hash Animation Master, Adobe After Effects, QuickTime Pro)





Added by: NancyGormezano


Tags: Gormezano music video

Date: 2011-12-15







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Nancy, I forgot which rig did you use?


I did a mishmash hybrid of rigs. I went for simple, and something I could understand and modify.


Lothario uses

1) modified literig for torso, arms, head, hands. I prefer this because it gives me "squetchyness";

2) modified 2008 rig (for legs only) deleted the auto balance stuff, like the foot controls better;

3) modified literig face rig, simplified, could still use work on lid control.

4) My own dynamic tail rig, ear rig, whiskas.


Ida is modified literig only, and modified literig face rig, but probably would have been better to do something similar to Lothario.


At some point I could document what I did, if you or anyone else is interested.

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