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Possible stand-alone topics

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There are some topics that may not fit in the core curriculum of modeling, rigging, animating but still deserve coverage


Two that come to mind...


Toon Rendering, because it's not just a render setting it also requires a somewhat different modeling strategy.


AMComposite and OpenEXR rendering, one pretty much needs the other to be useful



If anyone wants to strategize on how to explain these things and what a new-user project for these would be... have at it here!

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Another topic that someone other that I will definitely need to adopt... SVN


There's a tab for it in the Options window. I got through TWO without ever setting anything there, but there must be some purpose for it.


New users will not have much use for SVN as they will be working on their own projects and likely not collaborating via a centrally located archive but there is that SVN tab there and it's undocumented as far as i know.


If one did start a virtual work organization as we did for TWO, how do you set up an SVN server tht all teh members can sync to?


Perhaps a Hash tutorial doesn't need to cover that because it's already covered at some site dealing with SVN but... I don't know

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