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V14 Updated PS3 Rifle (or just Rifle)

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Haven't modeled anything complex for a while, so been at this One for about 3 weeks now. Figuring at least another week, just slowly tinkering with it on a daily basis.

(I'm Not modeling a PS3 Version of the Rifle - Just using the PS3 Image as the basis for a finished Rifle)






Here's the "RotoScope" Image being Used - NOT A FINAL RENDER!



Here's the file of what I have so far (I'm on Version 14 Now) ->PS3_Rifle_14.prj


3/4 of the way there and still some holes that need filled.

So far Only ONE real trouble spot, where the handle goes into the body (5 point patch not rendering properly).


When finished: Not Seriously - just an Idea for use

I'm thinking of something along the lines of a first person shooter perspective type of animation (just like the games) - only animated, (with the feel of a game through "actions" on the Rifle).

A little ambitious, but could possibly work out to be an unusual project to keep in mind. If anyone has seen the movie "Doom" where they do the same thing in CG.


I'm using A:M version 14

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That looks so real.

That's what I thought at first. But then I realized the image at the bottom is the rotoscope ;)

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