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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

Steal Something Valuable


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  • Hash Fellow

My stab at last nights Animation Showdown.


Actually the topic was "Cat Burglar! steal something valuable" but I was trying to do this in some way that didn't call on the ghost of Preston Blair. :D


Again, some of the other entries were knock-outs, far above my results.


QT Sorenson3 287KB


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Thanks for telling us about this contest. I've entered twice now, I'm learning a lot working under a deadline, its fun. Anyway my entry was #7, here's the link for anyone wanting to see all of them.




I did mine all in A:M as well. I really liked the look look gesture and then the subtle grab and hide in yours.


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  • 20 years later...
  • Hash Fellow

A new render of my entry in the February 12 2004 Animation Showdown, now with added environment and context.



The sideways shuffle is a walk cycle. I was still trying to economize by using Actions but I found it's hard to get out of them to do the not-cycle part of the animation.

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  • robcat2075 changed the title to Steal Something Valuable

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