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Room Rendering (AO testing)

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I've been tasked with creating several rooms. Here's my first room using AO. Before this project, I've never really used anything but normal lights (I've never used radiosity or AO before).


One thing I notice is how grainy the whole thing looks, despite using some okay settings for sampling and passes.

Also, it's very bright at the top, which sort of blows out the ceiling area and ceiling fan. I wasn't expecting that. I'm unsure how to make the lighting more even.

Any thoughts on how to improve are welcome. Please keep in mind I'm brand-new to AO when you make suggestions.



AO: on

No radiosity.

No real lights in the scene.

ambiance intensity: 300%

Ambience occusion: 100%

AO sampling: 30

16 passes.


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It was my understanding that AO was used for outdoor lighting. I have always used radiosity for indoor light.

Try using Radiosity with one light, two if you really want. You should also use the correct light color to get the most out of your image. Heres a chart i posted to help everyone. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?act=a...st&id=35054

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Don't mix and match radiosity (photon mapping) and Ambient occlusion, first of all. Not every feature is meant to be used in unison.

To eliminate the grainyness of an AO render, increase the sampling (which increases the render time). You CAN go as high as 100% ;)

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AO can be a very "simple" tool for "fake" global illumination, faster than radiosity. Just remember that it should be a "base illumination", so it should be pretty low light level. Throw in additional room lights from most real light sources.



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